In wondering what affiliate marketing website would be best towards earning money online, I did some research. With so many income opportunities available, an affiliate marketing website is a place to promote a product (or service) offered by a merchant (or author). One could purchase their own site to do this, sometimes very inexpensively, or use places such as Web 2.0 properties or provided lading pages to do it in a free way.

These sites could be use to describe a product/service in more detail in a promotional way. There are literally millions of products offering commission based income programs to choose from. The goal of a affiliate marketing website is to convince the customer to click through to the merchants product or service web page from the affiliate marketing website. Once the customer is referred to the merchant’s sales page, you would be out of the picture. That page will take over and hopefully generate a sale. If a sale is generated, one could earn a commission. There is a special code attached to the link when the customer clicks through from your site which allows the merchant to know where the buyer was referred from.

The commissions earned may vary according to the type of item being sold. Intellectual property (e-books) or information you download will pay the highest commissions (usually 75% or more) because there is no actual physical product to deliver. Physical items have to be produced, billed for and then actually delivered somehow to the recipient, which can be expensive. Those type of products could pay a much lower commission, sometimes as low as 1%. The advantage to physical products is that they can be ordered in a higher volume or currency amount, therefore the earned commissions is high enough to be worthwhile.

There are many choices of products or services available to promote for a commission based income. This way of earning money is a growing business on the Internet because online sales of all types are increasing dramatically all over the world. Creating or owning a affiliate marketing website is desired because it can automatically promote and earn for you 24 hours a day.

Source by Jason Vantrees