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Complete Wii Balance Board Game List
October 19, 2022
Content Creation, Music Promotion, Wifi Bread
I took some time to write a simple list about all the Wii games that are compatible with the Wii Balance Board (Wii Fit Board). Most of them are already released, some will be...
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Can You Portmanteau?
May 31, 2022
Uncategorized, Wifi Bread
I recently read an article in which the word satisficing was used. The word intrigued me. According to the author, satisficing is a combination of sufficing and satisfying.This...
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Zooming for Fun and Nonprofit
October 14, 2021
Software, Wifi Bread
Zooming has become a word, like googling before it.In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and resultant state-mandated shelter in place orders, so many Zoom meetings are being...
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Apple Watch Review
August 30, 2021
Digital Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Marketing, Music Promotion, Wifi Bread
At the beginning of the year, Apple attempted to fully open the gates and put the smartwatch into the must-have zone, therefore actually generating significant interest towards...
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Mobile Application Development For Android
August 18, 2021
Google Marketing, Web Design, Wifi Bread
The Android platform has taken a significant amount of market share, and by some measures has surpassed the iPhone as the dominant smartphone worldwide. While expansion of the...
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The Apple iPod Phenomenon
August 12, 2021
Digital Marketing, Music Promotion, Wifi Bread
How did the Apple iPod Phenomenon begin? What made this little gadget the main technological innovation of the last several years, while almost single handedly altering the...
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All About the Yamaha RX-V479 AV Receiver
July 13, 2021
Digital Marketing, Music Promotion, Wifi Bread
You may have heard about the Yamaha RX-V479 AV receiver for your home theater system. This article will briefly review this receiver. This is an impressive AV receiver...
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Stop Kodi Buffering
June 28, 2021
Music Promotion, Wifi Bread
How To Stop Kodi BufferingProblems with video buffering on Kodi can be frustrating and have a negative impact on your live video streaming experience. There are several ways to...
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