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What Will You Learn?

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Music Marketing
  • Playlist Promotion
  • Video Marketing
  • SEO
  • Automation
  • Blog Monetization
  • Influencer Monetization
  • PPC
  • CPA
  • Stock Investing
  • Options Trading
  • Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Research & Analytics
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Growth Hacking Strategies
  • Amazon FBA
  • Dropshipping
  • Editing
  • Podcast Marketing
  • Adsense
  • Intro To Copywriting
  • Intro To Metaphysics

Course Curriculum

Intro To Metaphysics
In the topic "Intro To Metaphysics" we will be breaking down life to a meta state. We believe it is essential or maybe just helpful, before creating to understand creation. In this topic, we hope to explain some of the truth in life beyond the veil, the 5th dimension and beyond, power of speaking things into existence, transmutation, quantum physics, bio fields, environments, the sun, the moon, dimensions, degrees, the power of ideas, and understanding opportunity and how it works.

Intro To Copywriting
In this topic "Intro To Copywriting" learn how to write! It's essential to your mastery of being, number one. In the same way we master our thoughts to create our 3D reality we write to reinforce this vision. Following up on the "Intro To Metaphysics" we learn the importance of writing, rhetorical writing, writing with purpose and intent, and the occult purposes, uses, and mastery of the art of writing. And obviously it will allow you to sell, and sell more.

Research & Analytics
In this topic "Research & Analytics" we discuss how to properly and ethically conduct research and data mining and how to proper and ethically analyze your research and data in a world where data is one of the new life sources. No pun intended. And essentially, how to keep you from being finessed on the internet.

  • How To Analyze The Data From Your YouTube Video Campaigns
  • How To Conduct Critical Research & Analysis
  • The Ultimate Guide To Pixelfy.Me Any URL Tracking Link
  • How To Wrap Your Landing Sales Page Mailchimp Url With Pixelfy.me

In this topic "SEO" we will go over the most important skill in digital marketing. Yes, it's true. We know, boring, but it is SEO. Do not make the mistake and skip over this topic. SEO is the main determining factor between you being discovered and not discovered in the digital age. Learn how to conduct keyword research, analyze data, bidding and bidding automation, and some of the best tools and softwares to ease the headache.

  • How To Mass Edit Tags On YouTube Videos
  • Proof That YouTube Optimization SEO Works | Less Than 24 Hours Already Working

In this topic "Automation" we go over how to automate your business so you can get back to the important things in life. Automation is what turns millionaires into billionaires. It's the driving force behind all successful businesses. Systems, processes, and automation. Remember it. And now, everyone has the opportunity to take advantage.

  • How To Add Extensions To Woocommerce For Your Teaching Vault

In this topic "Editing" learn how to edit. Not knowing how to edit is an extreme disadvantage in the new digital space so don't skip this topic in the same way you should not have skipped SEO. Great thing is, there's softwares that can help you learn to edit, edit faster, or simply create the edit for you! Learn all of this in this topic and create better videos to sell more.

  • How To Edit Music Videos Faster!
  • How To Edit Better Music Videos!

Business Structure
In the topic "Business Structure" we will discuss how to setup your business for security and success. We will discuss how to setup your DBA with your local county, registering for your EIN, registering for Dun & Bradstreet and utilizing platforms like NAV. We will also discuss how to setup your LLC and what you will need for your taxes through H&R Block. *This is not legal advise or financial advise. We advise you to consult your CFA or CLA.

  • How To Setup Your DBA Purchase A Virtual Address
  • A Run Through The Square Platform
  • How To Setup Paid Memberships Pro In WordPress | Membership Level & Payment Settings
  • How To Setup Payment Settings For Membership Site With Stripe Featuring Apple Pay
  • How To Manage Email Settings In Paid Membership Pro & Register For Google reCAPTCHA
  • How To Add The Rest of The Add Ons For Paid Memberships Pro
  • Adding Payment Functionality For Paypal & Stripe With Simple WP Membership in WordPress

Stock, Options, Crypto, ETF, & Index Investing
In this topic, "Stock, Options, Crypto, ETF, & Index Investing" we explain what stocks, options, crypto, etfs, index funds and how you can use these products to grow wealth for you and your family. We go over how we think, and have setup our investment portfolios, and what we think would be helpful for those just starting out in investing. We go over some of the best platforms to use as well as the technical tools inside of these platforms and how to best use them for optimal results. We also explain technical analysis and psychology when it comes to investing.

  • Trading Bitcoin BTCUSD | Forex Trading
  • Trading PLTR For Small Loss & Looking At SNAP + RCL
  • Marking Up The Charts | Trading SNAP Options
  • How To Buy Cryptocurrency, Marking Up The Charts | Trading Options SNAP
  • Trading SNAP. Marking Up 1min & 5min Charts.
  • On The Charts. Marking Up The Week.
  • Marking Up The Charts | FOREX Trading by a REAL Day Trader

Influencer Monetization
In this topic "Influencer Monetization" we go over how to go from a broke influencer to a millionaire influencer. Or at least to where you can live off it and sleep in until 12 in the afternoon. Learn how to setup your influencer monetization in a way that benefits you as an influencer and gives you control and breathing room to be yourself. Learn some of the best platforms, softwares, and tools to grow as a professional and your income.

  • How To Monetize & Optimize Your Youtube Channel
  • How To Edit A YouTube Thumbnail
  • How To Find & Organize Your Affiliate Links & Insert Them In Your YouTube Description
  • How To Use Kit.co | Adding Items To Your Kit on Kit.co
  • How You Can Use Whitewall To Sell Worldclass Quality Prints
  • How To Add Photos For Purchase On Sellfy | Get A Free Trial Of Sellfy Today w/ Link Below

Affiliate Marketing
In this topic "Affiliate Marketing" we go over how to properly and ethically conduct affiliate marketing, how to find your topic or niche, and some of the best companies to partner with to increase earnings, as well as some of the best tools and softwares to automate your affiliate business.

  • How To Use Partnerstack & Create Google Display Ads
  • How To Promote Affiliate Offers Natively On Instagram
  • How To Make Money On Pinterest w/ Amazon
  • How To Make Money On Instagram w/ Amazon
  • How To Run Affiliate Offers With Email Marketing Using Mailchimp
  • How To Place Your Affiliate Links & Offers
  • How To Wrap Your Affiliate Links With Pixelfy.me & Add It To Your Landing Page

Email Marketing
In this topic "Email Marketing" learn how to properly and ethically setup your email marketing campaigns for success. Learn how to design, tag, and analyze your email marketing efforts.

  • How To Update Your Social Links In Mailchimp With Pixelfy.me Links For Retargeting
  • How To Set Your Settings & Tracking In Mailchimp

Paid Marketing
In this topic "Paid Marketing" learn everything there is to know about automated, print money, campaigns. One of the best ways to make money still is through paid marketing if you have the bread or even just a little. Learn how to take advantage of this massive opportunity and learn a skill that will pay you forever. Don't hand this off to an agency, learn how to do paid marketing yourself and use what has turned everyday people into millionaires and billionaires. We will cover PPC, CPA, & Google Adsense in this topic.

  • How To Create A YouTube Campaign & Drive Traffic To Your YouTube Channel
  • How To Create A New Conversion Event In Twitter Ads & Run A FB Music Single Campaign

Landing Page Creation
In this topic "Landing Page Creation" we will go over how to optimally setup your landing page for high click through rates. A book's cover does matter in these scenarios so learning the psychological concepts and technical concepts of what creates high click through rates is essential in this ever evolving digital age. Learning this skill is half of the battle.

  • How To Create A Landing Page In Under 5 Minutes & Create A Google Display Campaign
  • How To Create A Landing Page For Your Teaching Vault Using Mailchimp
  • How To Create Your Thank You Page In Mailchimp

Google Ads
In this topic "Google Ads" we will be discussing how to optimally setup your Google Ads campaigns, ad groups, and ads for the best results and a minimal cost. Take good notes, as Google is the OG in this game of paid advertising with tools that have created billionaires.

  • How To Create A Google Video Ad
  • How To Setup Retargeting Campaigns In Google Ads
  • How To Setup A Retargeting Campaign In Google Ads & Create Audiences From YouTube Data
  • How To Optimize Your Google Ad Campaigns So That Ads Serve Based On Advice From Rep
  • How To Setup Custom Conversions In Google Conversions Using Google Tag Manager
  • How To Add Conversions & Conversion Action Sets To Your Campaign In Google Ads
  • How To Read Your Google Analytics For Traffic Sent Via Google Ads By Looking At Devices
  • Crazy Day 1 & Day 2 Results On Google Display Campaign For Single Release .08 Clicks
  • How To Create A Search Campaign In Google Ads
  • Spending .02 On My FACEBOOK ADS MUSIC Campaigns 🤪😇😩 | Analysis

Facebook Ads
In this topic "Facebook Ads" we will discuss how to optimally setup and target your campaigns, adsets, and ads for maximum exposure at minimal costs from years of testing and trial and error. Take advantage of what has created millionaires and is the driving force behind the dynamics of the world today.

  • How To Duplicate A Campaign and Adjust The Adset
  • How To Create An Custom Audience & Lookalike Audience In Facebook’s Audience Manager
  • How To Create An Custom Audience With URLs
  • How To Optimize Your Retargeting Lists By Adding Parameters From “Behaviors” GEM!
  • More Insights On Conversion Campaign CTR 2.70% / 3.41%
  • How To Hyper Target Your Ads Based On Mobile Devices
  • How To Adjust Locations In Facebook Ads Manager & How To Save Locations List
  • How To Setup Custom Conversion Tracking With Facebooks Event Setup Tool
  • How To Test Your Events After Setting Up Custom Conversion Events With Facebook
  • How To Customize Performance Columns & Adjust Cost Per Conversion
  • Analyzing Data Top Down Through The Ad Sets
  • How To Create Custom Conversion For Purchase Using Facebook & Mailchimp Landing Page
  • How To Setup A Facebook Traffic Campaign To Drive Traffic To Your Landing Page
  • Analyzing Your Facebook Campaign Data From AdSet Level & Why You Would Adjust Cost Cap
  • How To Setup Your AdSets For Cheapest Possible View Content | 0.02 Spent On Day
  • How To Analyze the View Content Data Via The Custom Conversions Setup in Facebook
  • Crazy Day Two Results On Facebook Campaign Cost Per View Content .02
  • Crazy Results On Conversion Campaign Under One Hour 0.00 Per View Content US | Avg 0.10
  • 8 People To Spotify For 3.34 On The Day! Nice Distribution Across Countries
  • Crazy Spotify Results .09 Per Viewer From Tier 1
  • Incredible Results Top Of The Morning Tier 1 Countries 2 View Content For 0.13
  • AMAZING Results .31 per lead, Top of The Morning
  • Crazy Insane Results Top Of The Morning Facebook Ads .02 Per View Content
  • RETARGETING GEM | Analyzing The Video Plays At A 100% & Why You Want A 1000
  • How To Optimize Your Created Lookalike Audiences By Targeting Based Off Of Mobile GEM!
  • CRAZY Lookalike Results After 1 Day Setup | .15 View Content | 2 Spotify Listeners .45

Pinterest Ads
In this topic "Pinterest Ads" we will discuss how to optimally setup and target your campaigns, adsets, and ads for maximum exposure at minimal costs from years of testing and trial and error. Take advantage of this highly under utilized but extremely powerful platform.

  • How To Create An Audience In Pinterest
  • How To Create Retargeting Audiences In Pinterest With URLs
  • How To Create An Ad In Pinterest And Add It To Your Pinterest Campaign For Your Single
  • How To Update Your Links Destination In Pinterest ADs
  • How To Analyze Your Pinterest Campaigns & Edit Budgets

Blog Monetization
In this topic "Blog Monetization" we go over one of our favorite passive incomes, blog monetization. Did you know that by creating a blog around your favorite topic could actually yield you 1k to upwards of 20k a month? Yes. It is possible. Learn the skills, tools, and softwares needed to pull it off and some of the affiliate companies that will pay you for your content and viewership.

  • How To Optimize Your Google AdSense Earnings By Blocking Certain Low Paying Ad Networks

Video Marketing
In this topic "Video Marketing" we'll go over some of the best things you can do from a strategic point to increase your viewership, retain viewership, and grow fan base for your film or production company. Utilizing organic and paid methods, learn some of the things that we've been doing to get your film, music video, commercial, product video, vlog to more people.

  • How To Create A Simple Video Ad For Facebook Ads
  • Creating A Simple Story Video Ad In Final Cut
  • How To Finish Creating Simple Story Ad Video & Export In Final Cut Pro
  • How To Add Tags To Pond5 4K Video Uploads For Purchase Exclusively On Pond5
  • How To Upload 4K Videos With FTP on Shutterstock.com | Video Licensing Tutorial

Music Marketing
In this topic "Music Marketing" we will go over how we think you should setup your music marketing, with the understanding that there is no right way to market your music. Always be you and do you! Learn some of the best platforms to market your music as well as some of the best tools and softwares to help create an edge in the ever competitive music landscape.

  • How Any Independent Artist Can View Their Own Metrics & Spy On Competition With SoundCharts
  • How To Add A Subscription To Your Bandcamp Profile
  • How To Add Your Data Sources In Chartmetric
  • How Artists Can Setup A Conversion Pixel & Run Hyper Targeted FB Ads
  • How To Edit Ad Set Interests With Chartmetric Data
  • How To Retarget Just Music Related Videos For Optimized Hyper Targeting In Ads Manager
  • A Quick Run Through The Pandora AMP Dashboard
  • Why It Doesn’t Cost That Much To Launch Your Music Career | $2.72 Spent On The Day
  • How To Analyze Your Artist’s Facebook Campaign From The AdSet Level
  • How To Analyze Your Artist’s Facebook Data & Find The Breakdown In The Funnel
  • Crazy Spotify Results For New Artist On Spotify 32 People Listening At 10:23AM
  • How To Setup A Direct To Playlist Campaign
  • How To Create A Custom Event In TikTok Events Manager
  • How To Create A Snap Ad For Your Music Single
  • Twitter Ads Day 1 & Day 2 Results
  • How To Download Soundcloud Song For Non-Commercial Use Using Soundcloud Downloader
  • Songtrust & The MLC
  • Building A Music Distribution Platform In WordPress With Elementor Pro

Playlist Promotion
In this topic "Playlist Promotion" we will go over some of the best methods and platforms to get your music on some of the best playlists for your music. Learn what those that consistently land playlist spots know that you don't and take advantage of the opportunity.

Drop Shipping
In this topic "Drop Shipping" we go over the oldest business model in the book, drop shipping. Source from overseas and sell in your country, learn how to create an ethical drop shipping business online utilizing Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce.

  • How To Create A Checkout Link In Square

Amazon FBA
In this topic "Amazon FBA" we go over how to take advantage of Amazon Fulfillment Centers and their incredible logistics team to increase your reach, distribution, and revenue. Learn some of the best softwares and tools to pair with Amazon FBA to create an almost passive income stream.

  • How To Use Cerebro In Helium 10 For Amazon FBA

Growth Hacking Strategies
We go over briefly some of the ways you can hack algorithms through game theory and just simply outwitting the algorithm or system. Not to be misconstrued with black hat or white hat practices. We also discuss taking advantage of certain softwares and companies that provide such immense value that it is undoubtedly a growth hack. Get it?

Podcast Marketing
In this topic "Podcast Marketing" learn how to setup your podcast for success. Learn how to create, distribute, and monetize your podcast while being true to you and your listener base. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to connect with your true fans and live in your truth.

  • How To Submit Your Anchor Podcast To Apple’s Podcast Connect
  • How To Submit Your Podcast To Castbox Part I
  • How To Submit Your Podcast To Castbox Part II
  • How To Add Your Podcast To Overcast
  • How To Submit Your Podcast To Amazon Music & Audible
  • How To Submit Your Podcast To Pandora
  • How To Add Your Podcast To Stitcher
  • How To Submit Your Podcast To Tunein
  • How To Submit Your Podcast To Mixcloud
  • How To Submit Your Podcast To Deezer
  • How To Add Your Podcast Platforms To ToneDen’s Podcast Landing Page

Web Design
In this topic "Web Design" learn how to best go about creating your website. Learn about the various platforms and how each one can be beneficial for different marketing scenarios. Learn how to build websites quickly and efficiently with some of the best tools and softwares on the market.

  • How To Create Your Online School With Tutor LMS Part I
  • How To Edit A Course In Tutor LMS In WordPress
  • How To Create A Topic In Tutor LMS In WordPress
  • Creating A Course | What It Takes, How Much Time It Takes
  • How To Adjust The Text Heading In Elementor With Margins In WordPress
  • Building An Online Shop With WP & Elementor Pro

Graphic Design
In this topic "Graphic Design" you'll learn simple very simplistic graphic design ideas and tools to help with your graphic design workflow.

  • How To Export Presets In Adobe Lightroom
  • How To Cut Out An Image From Background Using Pixlr
  • How To Cut Out An Image From Background Using Pixlr | Part II


  • How To Mine USDT Using unMineable On A Mac

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