An individual hoping to work for a bank can speculate, Can I have a felony and be a bank teller? This is a delicate question which can be very challenging for men and women who want to work as tellers in prestigious banks. It is hard to imagine a person with fraud or larceny convictions applying for a position as a bank teller. Bear in mind that working in a bank entails having access to big amounts of cash. From this perspective, you can tell that criminal acts will mean disqualification from holding sensitive positions in banking institutions.

Crucial Responsibility of Bank Tellers

Bank teller jobs connote a grave responsibility. Tellers just like managers and other bank employees are entrusted with money on a daily basis. These workers are also morally responsible to their clients. Hence, people will expect that tellers are financially trustworthy and will be very honest in handling their financial resources. There is really no place for felons in financial institutions. Thus, banks are very strict in hiring employees and impose requirements such as background checks and proof of non conviction for any criminal offense. In other words, you can only become a bank teller if you are an honest and law-abiding citizen.

Guidelines from the EEOC

The Equal Employment Opportunities Commission or EEOC and even local courts rule that employers who make use of arrest records to ban job applicants is illegitimate discrimination if there is no evidence of business necessity. In fact, employment application forms require job applicants to divulge criminal act convictions but these do not include arrests, dates and results.

Under these guidelines, the felony conviction cannot be used as a total prohibition on employment. Nonetheless, it can be considered in connection with the relationship between a guilty verdict and the applicant’s eligibility for employment. In other words, the number, nature and date of the sentence can be used to determine whether the applicant is fit for the position such as bank teller jobs.

There are factors to be considered such as incidence and seriousness of infringement such that the violation may just be a minor offense which is not related to the job. These wrongdoings should not unjustifiably influence the decision of employers to hire employees. The person should also be judged according to competence, way of thinking, activities, behavior, experience, and academic qualifications. You can become a bank teller provided you are fitted for the job and posses the aptitude that employers look for.

Source by Andy Clay Ford