If you are looking to start an online business, or you have an existing offering you would like to take to market on the internet, then you need to work out what the most effective online marketing strategies for your niche are going to be. Here are some ideas for successful online marketing strategies.

Local online marketing strategies

Although you can reach almost anyone in the world with a good internet marketing approach, this isn’t always what you need. If your business is a local bar or restaurant for example, you want to keep your marketing targeted to your local area. Good online marketing strategies for businesses that only have a local reach can include having a Facebook fan page on which you can put out your special offers and vouchers people can use when they come to your business.

Local people will join, and their local friends will see this and join to, thus spreading word about your business and any promotions. You can also comment on the blogs of local newspapers, radio stations and other sites specifically relevant to your area, and include relevant links to your own website, blog or Facebook fan page. Make sure all of your content is search engine optimized (SEO) for not only what you do, but where you do it. It’s not very useful to be optimized on “piano repairs” and have piano owners all over the world come to your site if you only do piano repairs in and around Seattle.

Wide reaching online marketing strategies

If what you have to offer will make sense to a wide audience, for example if you have written an eBook that anybody in the world might want to download, then you don’t need to worry about area targeting. In this case, base your strategy about reaching the people who will be most interested in your offering. You can find specialist Facebook groups, blogs and Twitter accounts for the broadest reach (e.g. Sports fans, musicians, motorists) through to the very narrowest (e.g. Denver Broncos fans, cellists, Dodge Charger owners) in any niche, and this is a good place to start. Even products or services with a very wide appeal can usually be targeted most successfully to a certain demographic, and when you have identified who they are then designing a strategy to reach them becomes much easier.

Integrated online marketing strategies

Whoever you are targeting, the best online marketing strategies show a coherent use of all of their parts, for example, consistent offers being pushed through Twitter and Facebook, a similar look, tone and feel to all communications, and the ability for users to link things together themselves, for example the ability to “like” something on your website or blog on Facebook. This is very important in giving your messages and brand a slick, professional feel. Think about which methods and sites you want to use, and how you can use them to compliment each other to give your prospects a richer experience.

Source by James Tan Wee Liang