The best hen party decoration would be one perfectly matching the theme and outfits worn. As such, if you plan a feminist party with empowered women able to transform into anything they want from their usual appearance as objects of desire, nothing could help you more with this alchemy than a witch setting with sexy witch costumes.

Whether you think of the witch in the cartoon ‘The Princess and the Frog’ or in Andersen’s tale about a mermaid wishing to trade her fishtail for some woman ‘s legs, it seems that witches always boil something revolting and feel good in the company of snakes, rodents or spiders. As such, with so many witches invited at your hen party, all sexy with outfits would be only fitting to have a round black table with a huge cauldron in the middle and, by way of contrast, with neon party-ware all over, in the form of plates, glasses, pitchers or napkins.

As for the walls, while at the entrance some black mini flags, pirate ship-type, with a skull and two crossed bones, would look welcoming enough, for the rest, you may feel somewhat challenged, given that you can’t bring any snakes or mice, even if you keep some as pets. But at least, you could certainly have a large amount of spider web, if not for real, then in the form of some spider web capes or fishnet tights that you could artistically hang on the walls. Also as wall decoration, you can use as many black masks with feathers, black devil horns, black wings or neon wigs you feel like. And, of course, some tattered pages with illegible spells, which could be made to look old enough with some computer design program. From the ceiling, right below the neon light and right above the immense cauldron, an inflatable broom would definitely complete the setting.

While your black tutus with neon frills in various shades would surely blend into this atmosphere, making you look sexy with costumes, you might also consider placing in tall vases some twisted dry twigs, to match the twigs on your witch hats and your long black nails, however false. For some weird sparkle in this Gothic atmosphere, you can apply some diamante to your face, matching the table stone diamante. After all, you are all part of the setting.

And last but not least, though you are clearly equal witches, as showed by your placement at a round table, it wouldn’t hurt – exactly as guests have cards indicating their seats at other parties -, to have some sashes around the backs of your chairs, mentioning whether you are the good witch, the wicked witch, the teen witch etc., given all this disguising in Halloween witch costumes. In this way, you’ll know what particular topics to approach when engaging in conversations with your neighbors about spells, potions and grim future prospects.

Source by Kirstie Brookes