The projects that you would get to work on as a freelancer varies quite significantly with the projects that you work on when in an agency. An agency would attract big names and branding for such agencies will bring in better exposure. However, you will not be able to pick on projects that you would like to work on, instead projects will be assigned to you by a superior.

As a freelancer, you can choose projects that you like and give up projects that you don’t like to work on. The sad part is that, apart from designing, you will be responsible for a lot of ‘other’ work which includes responding to mails, negotiating the pay and marketing your skills. During initial periods, there will be periods of lull where projects will just not come your way.

2) PAY.

This is a big factor and this is the driving force for every working individual. As a freelancer, the beginning may be tough where you have to slug it out to get your first few clients. It could mean long hours of marketing and intense working to complete projects ahead of time to impress clients. As this phase tides over, the more experienced and successful freelance designers, say logo designers, would find themselves in a financially better mode as projects keep heaping up and, as there are no overheads, the rewards will be better.

Working for an agency would mean that the work is constant and so is the pay. There may be slow increases in pay as your level and position in the organisation improves. The advantage is that there will be benefits like medical insurance, travel allowance, office parties and recognition for good work.


A freelancer is free to work whenever he feels inspired to. This means that there is no looming figure sitting ahead of you watching when you work. Late mornings and late nights might become a part of normal work culture and you can take some time off between projects without having to ask someone. The drawback of being a freelancer is that there will be no one you can interact with, especially if there is no one at home. This could mean that you will be limiting the number of people you will be interacting with.

In an agency, time spent at the office should be accounted for and there will be monitoring. The best part is, however, that you get to meet a lot of like minded people with whom you can discuss creative ideas and, maybe, even go out for lunches together. There will be a sense of camaraderie in the work environment and meeting people everyday could make it more cheerful. A design agency, like a graphic design company, will encourage working relationships where ideas may be discussed freely in a highly friendly yet competitive work environment.

There are equal number of positives and negatives in both freelancing as well as working for an agency, it depends on individual preferences to make a final calling.

Source by Max Chohan