The front man of the fun loving group Sugar Ray is no stranger to the tattoo gun. Mark has varies tattoos located all over this body. Most of his tattoos have a lot of personal meaning to him like most people. But Mark is a great example of not judging a book by its cover. Not only is Mark the front man of a rock group but he also has a degree in journalism.

Below is a list of most of Mark’s tattoos.

1. Cadillac logo located on his right hip because he won’t drive anything but a Cady.

2. He has the letter “M” located on Mark’s left chest breast. He got this tattoo because it’s the first and last initial of his name.

3. He has “Irish” written in ivy located on his Back from shoulder to shoulder. He got this tattoo for obvious reasons, he’s Irish!

4. He has 3 Shamrocks located on his left hip/butt cheek. He supposedly got these tattoo for Mickey’s 30oz. beers.

5. Praying hands holding rosary located on his right chest breast. He got this because he was brought up catholic.

6. The word “Rolex” along with the logo on the right side of his waist. He got this tattoo because he lost a $100 bet.

7. Sparrow birds on each of his front shoulders. He got these to celebrate the success of “Fly”.

8. He has In Memory of Rose located on his right forearm. This tattoo is in memory of his good friend (Snot singer) Lynn Strait who died going to a Sugar Ray show.

9. The letters “Mc” located on his lower back above tail bone. This represents his last name McGrath.

10. The letter “S” located above Mark’s belly button.Steve from Smash Mouth and Mark got drunk and then got tattoos to signify the first letter of their band name.

11. “Lola” w/paw located on his right forearm. He got this tat to remind him of his puppy he missed while he was on the road.

12. Blue Rose located on his left fore arm. In memory to his grandmother Ma Mere.

13. Blue Star located on his left elbow, which he got while he was in Texas.

14. A spider web around the blue star on his left elbow.

15. A shamrock on his right elbow.

16. A shamrock on his right wrist.

17. Some Asian symbols on his left wrist.

Mark has various other tattoos on his chest, arms and back.

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Source by Ashley M Ford