There are many website design companies that offer web hosting services that ensure to provide with good space on the internet. Broadly speaking, there are five different kinds of hosting that are frequently offered to websites according to requirement. Here we will be discussing about the five affordable web design hosting services as given below:

Shared Hosting: The first of the most affordable web design hosting services is shared hosting type. This method is most popular as it allows with the opportunity to share the server with other websites easily and within affordable costs. The connectivity may vary among the thousand of websites, as a common server is used as the resource pool such as CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth.

Dedicated Server: Another popular form of web hosting that makes the best solution for online businesses, dedicated server is a powerful server that not only includes tremendous work association but also provides with the freedom to enjoy a private server.

For those who know the technicalities of handling a website, a dedicated server can help attract increasing number of traffic. You will therefore easily go for the unmanaged hosting in dedicated servers.

Virtual Private Servers: In this form of web hosting, the web server resource can be divided into small virtual servers that are allotted in such a way that it does not have any direct influence on the fundamental hardware. It is a popular web design hosting service as it reduces the problems faced in dedicated servers. In situations where you will need to locate VPS containers among different servers, virtual hosting is the best solution to bank on. Its flexibility to customize a solution through separate virtual space makes it a favored among developers.

Cloud Hosting: New in the league, cloud hosting is scalable, reliable and a powerful form of hosting that is also known as “cloud computing”. The best part of this service is that user will only be asked to pay for the services they are using.

Grid Hosting: As per its name, in grid hosting the server is treated according to its cluster or formation of multiple grids.

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Source by Sourav Paul