When you are looking for web hosting how do you know that the company that you are considering is any good? Sure you can look on their website and read all the wonderful things they say about themselves, but is that really going to give you an accurate feel for how well they will handle your hosting needs?

Fortunately with the advent of the Internet there are now many places online to find web hosting reviews. These reviews are from people just like you and can be a wealth of information for you to consider before you decide which hosting company you want to go with. Looking at web host reviews can provide you with the following:

o Information on Customer Service: Your main concern when finding a hosting company should be customer service. When reading the review of the web hosting company you are looking at, try to find what the people are saying about the company’s customer service. Without good customer service it really doesn’t matter how cheap the price of the web hosting company is.

o Information on Reliability: This is often the first thing mentioned in reviews. People will more times than not start off a review with how happy or unhappy they are with the web hosting company. No matter what their feelings are, those feeling are usually a direct result of how reliable the service is. By reading the web hosting reviews and finding how reliable a hosting service is you can easily make a determination on whether or not the company is worth giving any money to.

o Information on Extra Services: Many hosting companies that are out there today will attempt to gain customers by offering extra such as site builders for free so long as you host your website with them. Some of these extras are worth their weight in gold and others are junk. A great way to determine which is which is by reading the reviews of the web hosting company that you are considering and then going from there.

o Information about Pricing: Many web hosts advertise a special price and then wallop you with a huge rate after the first month or so. By going over the cheap hosting reviews you can find which web host companies make consistent practice of this tactic and thus avoid them. You can also find out information on any hidden fees that a web hosting company may not be so forthright in telling you when you sign up for service.

Never take a hosting company’s word for how great their service is. Instead find a website or chat board that has reviews from regular people who are willing to share their personal experiences. The information you will obtain is invaluable and will help you to make the best decision possible for your web hosting needs. Once you do decide who to go with and have had the service for awhile, keep the good faith rolling by giving a review or two of your own to help others in the future who will be in the same boat that you found yourself in at one time.

Source by Jason Kay