Are you in charge of warehouse safety? If you are, or if you’re responsible for any other kind of workplace safety for that matter, then you’ll appreciate the range of industrial safety products that are available. Read on to discover some economic ways to protect the warehouse, installations, machinery, and employees.

Here’s just a small taste of what’s available:

Bollard posts

Bollard posts add extra protection to your facility and are an important addition to a basic warehouse safety system. They prevent damage to walls, corners, racks and equipment. The posts are made of 1/4″ thick steel and are 42″ high. Each post is mounted on a 3/8″ steel plate that is pre-drilled with 3/4″ holes for installation.

Machine guards and rack guards

You can also find machine guards and rack guards that can be used indoors and outdoors. Machine guards can prevent damage to machinery and they also help keep workers protected. Some might argue that the correct machine and rack guards are the most important safety products out there. The typical machine guards and rack guards are made of 1/4″ steel and are 9″, 16′, 24″, 36″ or 42″ in height. The guards are painted in a long lasting, powder coated safety yellow color. That way they stand out, which is what they are meant to do.

Column Protectors

Another important part of workplace safety is the use of column protectors. Products like these protect columns and beams from damage by forklifts and carts, which are known to bump into the columns from time to time.

Good quality column protectors are made of 100% high-density polyethylene, and have easy to install straps. They will fit round or square columns that are 6″, 8″, 10″ or 12″. They are also UV protected, so the sun won’t cause them to fade or disintegrate over time.

For extra protection, they can be stacked two high. The column protectors are available in high visibility yellow, lime green or orange.

Corner protectors

Corner protectors are another handy safety product type. They are made of high density polyethylene, so they will last for years and years. These important warehouse safety products can be used on door frames, facility corners, H-frame racking or on loading docks. Don’t overlook them, because they can save you lots of money in ongoing maintenance.

Wall protectors

The same can be said for wall protectors. These yellow colored guards can be mounted end to end along the wall, where they prevent all of the usual bumps and scrapes you see on warehouse walls. They come in sets of two sections that are 42″ long and you can purchase 6″ or 10″ widths to protect your walls from drums, forklifts and hand trucks.

Forklift mats

Forklift mats have a non-penetrable backing so you can park your forklifts on them to prevent slips, trips & falls from fluid leaks. These workplace safety products are integral to any safety system, as preventing injuries from slips, trips and falls is such an important part of demonstrating a commitment to warehouse safety.

Source by Travis Zdrazil