USBSwiper is a small credit card processing swiper which attaches to either a Mac or Windows based computer. It was developed by one of just 12 authorized PayPal developers, and operates over the PayPal system to process your customer credit cards quickly, and easily.

Advantages of USBSwiper

The fact that USBSwiper uses PayPal is a benefit many small business owners have not been aware of previously. There are no long term contracts or tiered, confusing payment processing rates. PayPal consistently offers some of the lowest processing rates in the industry, and with its flat rate processing fee schedule, you know exactly how much it will cost to process customer cards. Additionally, using USBSwiper with PayPal means your money is deposited immediately into your account – instead of waiting 3 to 5 days to get the money the way you do with a traditional merchant account.

A credit card processing “Swiper” means you no longer have to manually type in card details into a virtual terminal. This will save time and eliminate typo errors which can cause problems getting paid. Your information can be saved and exported to excel spreadsheets, Quicken or Quickbook accounts for ease of accounting.

You can quickly set up your products in a drop down menu of pricing for ease in creating your invoices. The same invoicing system allows you to print receipts.

Mobile Credit Card Processing

If you need a credit card processing solution which can work within your storefront as well as when you are out and about – using a portable USB card reader like USBSwiper is an effective solution. You can use it anywhere you have internet access. If you are traveling outside of an internet-accessible area, you can still swipe and store credit card transactions until you have an internet connection available to process the payments.

Portable payment processing is ideal for direct sales representatives who hold parties and sales demonstrations in other people’s homes; and for businesses who attend craft fairs, vendor events or traveling salespeople.

If you have multiple locations and USBSwiper products, they can all be used with the same PayPal account – meaning all of your credit card processing activity can happen through the same account for ease of record keeping.

Secure Credit Card Processing

When you use a USBSwiper, you are protected through PCI Compliance, and heavy encryption standards. The developers are among only 12 PayPal certified ACE Developers in the country, who operate under strict standards and test all of their products rigorously to ensure they are the best card processing system for the best rates for your business.

USBSwiper is recognized by both PayPal and eBay for its excellence. It’s received a number of rewards in 2008 and 2009. The product is economical (selling for well under $100) and avoids hidden fees and contracts. You can cancel any time you like without penalties.

Source by Steve Dowell