First, which your guide should or already knows that hunting in thick cover will help your chances of shooting that monster elk. You can glass for elk on open hillsides, since most likely you will see an elk especially cows and young bulls. But seeing some of the best sightings can be done under thick cover, you are thinking how in the world am I going to spot an elk in thick cover, well don’t worry about that you will see them they aren’t the smallest animal in the world and plus it helps keep you hidden from them as well.

Second, you want to be in shape. I know this sounds silly but you have to remember you could be walking for miles before you spot or even see an elk. You have to be ready to hike up, down, over blow downs, carry a heavy pack and be able to run when you need to. Remember if you do shot an elk, who do you think is going to carry it back to camp for you. Yup, that’s right it will be just you and your guide if you have one. That can make you very tried quickly.

Third, you want to pay attention to the wind. Just like you would any other hunt you would be on, elk hunting wouldn’t be any different. If you are hunting with a guide they will have the best positions for being downwind so the elk won’t smell you and ups your chances of shooting that monster elk. But if you are hunting with just your buddy you want to make sure you go that extra mile to approach an area that is downwind. You always need to pay attention to the wind while out hunting as the wind can change direction in a blank of an eye and you will have to find another spot that is downwind.

Fourth, hunting in the afternoon and staying until dark. Some hunters head into the woods early and leave at midday and some will say you are leaving right when things are going to be getting in their prime for the evening. Staying in until mid afternoon will help you in the long run, as you can get a good meal in you to give you energy for the long hike ahead of you and you are going out when the animals are starting to get ready to settle down for the night and won’t have their guard up.

Finally, make sure to slow down. You don’t want to run to your spot as you might miss something like that monster elk you are looking for. Trying hiking a mile or so and take a look around to see whats out there or to make sure you won’t be running into any cows or young bulls on your way to where the big bulls are. Plus taking your time will save you some energy instead of burning it all off right away.

All these tips will be helpful if hunting elk by yourself or buddy or hunting with a guide. Make sure you have everything you need to go on the hunt and be patience enough for that monster bull to step out and give you that perfect shot.

Source by Michelle Harolds