Square umbrellas are used to cover large areas. Mostly the square shape is preferred when a fixed umbrella is required, and especially with a large area to cover. Such umbrellas are often used to provide shade to the whole swimming pool and in this case the umbrella is permanently fixed in place as it is a very large umbrella measuring up to 15 feet across. Similarly, a large square umbrella is often used when providing shade over lawn furniture or protecting the furniture from rain etc. Patio umbrellas which are used in patio backyards, spas and restaurants often come in the square shape. This shape allows the umbrellas to be placed in such a way that no sunlight gets through, as their edges can be packed together and thus they totally blocking the sun. Same is the case with rectangular patio umbrellas which can also be used in clusters to provide perfect shade.

Patios often use square umbrellas which match their theme and the architecture of the patio, its square and rectangular backyards and roofs. These outdoor patio umbrellas now come in a lot of variations; some of the square umbrellas have offset bases and central poles which make them even a little off-balance as well. Consequently most of the square umbrellas which are of comparatively smaller sizes have to be fixed onto the ground to keep them from falling down. Often these are made from acryl which keeps the users protected from the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays. The fabric used in these square patio umbrellas blocks up to 90% of the harmful UV rays.

Patio umbrella can prove to be one of the most important accessories you can have in your home. It can take care of any emergent situation arising from some unplanned entertaining event accommodating all the guests under the shade. Apart from that these umbrellas can also prove to be a major cost saver when it comes to energy consumption and illuminating the patio yard on the night. The solar-powered outdoor patio umbrellas have built-in batteries which are recharged during the day. These charged batteries than power special LED based bulbs during the night-time illuminating not just the umbrellas and the patio furniture but also the whole patio back yard.

However, wherever they are kept stored either outdoors, in your garage or in a shed they would generally be found dirty when you set them up for their use in the spring. But it should not bother you much because washing the patio umbrellas is an easy task and not much time-consuming as well.

Source by Julia Lops