The Sony PSP Slim lives up to its name. It is 33% lighter as well as 20% slimmer compared to the original PSP system. While it is lighter and slimmer, it still packs a lot of features. For one, it has done away with the metal chassis while greatly improving the WLAN modules. It also comes with a micro-controller plus a lighter and thinner LCD display.

This new version of the PSP comes with notable improvements from the previous versions of the PSP. First, it has a bigger memory capacity of 64 MB that supports the changes in the performance of the web browser. Additionally the battery is slimmer, since the manufacturer has significantly reduced the capacity of its battery by as much as 1/3rd of the original. However, the running time of the PSPM is basically unchanged, thanks to the hence improved power usage. With the bulkier size of the older models, the PSP slim battery cover does not fit with the older PSP version.

To prevent scratches as well as smudges, this version of the PSP boasts of an enamel coated finish. Likewise, the serial port is modified in order to support the video-out feature. The PSP Slim also comes with a loading tray for added efficiency in terms of dimension. On the upper part of the console is the Wi-Fi switch, while the slot for the memory stick has been relocated to the upper left corner. Meanwhile speakers have been moved to the front of the console, near the uppermost part of the screen.

Source by Bill Pratt