The iPod’s greatest achievement might be how it has changed people socially. Everybody knows the Apple iPod Nano can do a bunch of things with all the songs that it can store and hold. And while that is to be admired, perhaps the iPod’s greatest trick is how it can, in some instances and circumstances, bring people together. The Apple iPod will never bring world peace, but it may bring together two strangers. When an iPod user sees another iPod user, a bond is created. Those ubiquitous white ear buds are more than just something that delivers music from the player to the listener. Rather, they are a symbol of the revolution that the iPod started when it was first released. There is something about the iPod, and iPod users that isn’t really explainable, or that can’t really be translated into other forms of portable technology. The iPod is both personal and shared; everyone has an iPod story, or they accessorize their iPod in a certain manner. And, most important of all, many iPod owners and users are dying to either share the music on their iPod with a fellow iPod user, or is interested in listening to what’s on someone else’s iPod.

There are cases of iPod strangers becoming friends, simply by coming up to each other and asking the simple question “what’s on your iPod?” The Apple iPod Nano has a common element that isn’t found in a Walk man, Disc man or a Blackberry. It is inconceivable that someone would walk up to a Blackberry user and inquire about the phone list that they have stored. Granted, a phone list is to be more protected than a music play list, but song selection is much more personal than the phone number of your hairstylist.

Seeing someone else with an iPod can sometimes create a sense of comraderie. The Apple iPod is, without question, the world’s most popular portable music player. Even though it is very popular, not everyone owns an iPod. And those who want to own an iPod don’t really understand the iPod culture and family until they have one. The Apple iPod is truly unique and stands alone in terms of appearance, design and accessories. And once you are part of the iPod family, you literally want to meet every member that’s out there and experience and listen to what’s on their Apple iPod Nano. And you also want to share, and have music, shared with you.

Will the iPod open the lines of communication around the world and get people talking, listening and sharing? No, it won’t do that, unfortunately. But, what it can do is that it can introduce iPod listener A to iPod listener B and exchange music, ideas, and maybe even an email address or two. Think about it: if you were in a foreign country, and wanted to know what was popular among the youth of said country, the best way to do so would be to listen to the music of the land. And, depending on your demeanor, most people with an Apple iPod Nano would be receptive to sharing their music with you. That doesn’t mean running up to someone like a madman, trying to shove your ear buds into their skull. Rather, simply introduce yourself and your purpose, and you may find someone who is on the same mission as you!

Source by Micheal Coley