Firstly, I can see why Nokia has made the resemblance to standard computers, The N95 has an internal memory of 160MB with the ability to expand this to 2 Gigabyte’s through a dedicated expansion slot. However, most computers have on board memory in the region of 100’s Gigabyte’s, there is still a long way to go in getting mobile phones to reach this capacity. The Nokia N91 for instance has an internal hard drive of 4 Gigabyte’s, so a bigger memory could have been achievable. The saving grace I suppose is, that with a removable memory card, you can transfer data between devices. For instance, using the same memory card full of music in both your mobile phone and your car stereo, or transferring pictures from you digital camera to your mobile.

This leads me nicely into talking about the Nokia N95 as a replacement for your digital camera. The 5 Mega-Pixel Camera that comes as standard on the N95 competes with the picture quality of may sub £100 digital cameras available to buy today. Bearing in mind, the reason for buying one of the cheaper digital cameras is to be able to take pictures anywhere, without having to worry about your camera and if its going to get lost or damaged where ever anywhere may be for you.

Personally, when I’m on a night out and the drinks be a flowing, the last thing I want to worry about is the 500 quid’s worth of super camera hanging round my neck that I had to bring out with me to get some decent photos of the night. Here’s where a cheaper, more cheerful camera would sit nicely in back pocket. However, I now have a mobile and a camera to worry about losing. Not with a N95 though, I could now take one device, that will take decent pictures, call my cab and even video me pulling my moves on the dance floor, but that’s another story…

Source by Sean Mauger