Clearly, masturbation is just about the most fun a guy can have alone – but, as many people know, it doesn’t always have to be a solo activity. Many men have masturbated in company with a bro; many others would like to, but don’t know how to get it started. Fortunately, the following hints can help a guy who desires a little company while masturbating. And a guy who practices good penis care will have a member that’s worth showing off to a pal.


Many men, straight, bisexual and gay, enjoy masturbation with another man (or men). No matter one’s sexual identity, it can be a bonding experience. For some, it can reaffirm their manliness or give them a chance to indulge exhibitionistic practices in a consenting situation.

Although society has become much more open about masturbation in recent years, raising the subject of masturbating with another dude can still be delicate. And be clear, it does carry the risk of rejection and the feelings that may bring up. Also, it’s important to think about whether the person to be asked is likely to consider it, as it may possibly make him feel uncomfortable and put a damper on the friendship.

However, there are some ways to raise the subject with a friend:

– Be open about it. For men who are completely at ease with their masturbation and have a high self-confidence level, the direct approach may be best. Something along the lines of “I found an awesome porn video. Want to watch it and masturbate with me?” can make it crystal clear what you want.

– Arrange to get caught. Masturbate at a time and in a place where a friend is likely to walk in on you. When it happens, explain that you are so horny you have to keep going and invite him to drop trousers so you don’t feel so embarrassed about it.

– Make it a “show me” situation. Guys often like to brag about how big they are. Start a “mine’s so big” contest with a buddy. When he doubts it, prove it by pulling out your member and demand that he do the same. Both parties will probably need to stroke in order to attain their full erect size, and it may be possible to continue stroking after the sized debate has been settled – especially if it followed up by declaring “I may not be as big, but I bet I can shoot farther.”

– Make it pay. Pull out a $20 bill and declare that whichever of you can spurt farther gets to keep the money. (This has the advantage of making it rewarding while at the same time superficially removing any sexual stigma attached to it.)

– Ease into it. Initiate a long conversation about sex with a friend. Occasionally bring up how excited the conversation is making you feel. At some point(s), mention that you’re having a hard time keeping your hands off yourself. If your buddy is feeling the same, suggest that you both do something about it.

Utilizing these hints may make it easier for a dude to introduce the subject of masturbation to a friend. Before the subject gets raised, make sure the manhood is ready for display. Daily application of an exceptional penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) keeps a member looking good and healthy. Keep the penis skin rejuvenated and revitalized by employing a crème that is chock full of moisturizing agents, especially shea butter (a high end emollient) and vitamin E (a natural hydrator). These form a barrier which keeps moisture available for the penis skin. The crème must also contain vitamin B5 (aka pantothenic acid), which vastly assists cell metabolism and the subsequent maintenance of healthy penile tissue. Working in a good penis health crème regularly can produce significant benefits.

Source by John Dugan