Buying good quality Bed Linen

We all want to get quality for the money we pay for our bed linen and bedding accessories but how do we know what to look for. Here are some tips to guide you in finding good products for your bed that will be both stylish and long lasting from your on-line store.

Thread count

What is thread count?

Thread count relates to the number of threads running horizontally and vertically in one square inch of fabric. You will probably find that most stores have product ranges with thread counts from 180 to 320 and in general the higher the number thread count the better quality product you will be getting. On high thread counts you would feel the difference in the softness of the fabric and it will have a better visual appearance. According to Consumer Reports cotton and fabrics blended with cotton and a thread count of 180 to 200 provide better wear and tear and give more comfort to the owner. Therefore you could pay a little extra for a higher thread count but it will last you much longer and mostly likely stand up to more use than a lower thread count fabrics.

Egyptian Cotton

Many of us have heard of Egyptian cotton and associate this with quality in bedding and clothing, but what does this actually mean? Cotton has been farmed and grown along the Nile in Egypt for a very long time and is a big part of the Egyptian industry. The cotton produced is a long staple cotton which in turn produces the exceptional fine and soft Egyptian cotton fabric. It is used to make very fine linen and luxurious fabrics very often used in bedding and sheeting. The higher percentage (%) Egyptian cotton in the fabric the better quality product you will be getting. Egyptian cotton stands up well to heavy use and washing and should last for many years to come.

Design and Style

Often taken for granted when looking for bedding is the design work that has gone into producing the bedding. Look at the styling of the bedding, good manufactures have taken time and attention over the little details to bring you the best in style and comfort. They have used luxurious fabrics such as jacquard, high quality cottons and satins and may have added detail on the bedding such as trims, piped seams, embroidery, or Satin trims and Decorative Stitching. Well design bedding ranges have researched the needs of the consumer, analysing the design trends and requirements from different age groups from children to Adults. They offer you modern styling and traditional, Luxurious to simple and elegant in order to appeal to all ages and needs.

That Little extra

Now that you understand how to look for good quality bedding you may want to give your bed a new complete look. Good Bedding designs usually offer additionally accessories co-ordinating and matching the bedding set such as bolster or boudoir pillows. It is worthwhile adding finishing touches try looking for bed ruffles, valances or Box covers to ensure you complete your bedding ensemble.

Source by Linda Cass