The carpet cleaning vendors shall determine the prices based on a multitude of factors ranging from method used, your location, and the service level. Calculate for yourself the cost of cleaning carpets by two easy ways of estimating the cost.

You may estimate cleaning cost by the number of rooms / equivalent. This method of pricing carpet cleaning services is preferred by the carpet cleaners mainly, because it facilitates carpet cleaning vendors to provide their clients with an accurate/ near accurate estimate over the phone call/ web page, without any requirement of doing an onsite estimate. While making inquiries from carpet cleaning service providers, consider the following points:

o Do remember to make sure and confirm that they include price for pre-treatment and normal spotting within the quoted price.

o It is a practice with carpet cleaning service providers to quote price based on size of the room to around two hundred and three hundred square feet.

o In case your room area is more than the specified, then you shall be charged for two room equivalent price.

o Carpet cleaning service providers also price their services based on measurement of the square footage of the room.

o This pricing method is generally preferred by clients when the carpet area is much less than the room area.

o In this case, the carpet cleaner would generally perform an onsite estimate of the measurement, to quote the final price.

o At times, they quote you a ballpark figure over the phone call, but caveat the final pricing on the actual onsite measurement.

o While there are some Carpet Cleaners or service providers that consider the measurement of the entire room for quoting prices for their services, there are others who will measure only the open space that is between the furniture.

With these two different methods of pricing, service provider will probably quote you more or less the same price as they factor in the rate based on square footage. Be careful to insist that price is inclusive of pre-treatment and ordinary spotting.

o It is advised to ask for quotations over call from at least 2 to 3 cleaning service providers to educate you enough about the prevailing market prices for this service.

o You would agree that prices would vary between vendors, and while lowest bidder would attract you, you should be considerate about the reputation of the vendor.

o Always be inquisitive of the method of cleaning used by the vendor, the cleaning detergents/ fuel used by the vendors and the well you get serviced only for the value you pay for.

o Carpet cleaner should make enough money to cover his labor, material cost and other overheads. In case if it is not making money around or more than ninety to a hundred dollars per hour, then it is losing money and in which case someone quoting lower than all of the other service providers, it may be the one that is trying to curtail down on time and quality of carpet cleaning.

o The neighborhood reference may also be used to learn about credible and affordable carpet cleaners in the nearby area.

Source by Anderson White