The web-hosting industry is one of the most competitive industries where there are thousands and even millions of websites competing against each other for new potential customers. However it definitely takes some substantial amount of time and effort, along with good planning and determination to make this happened. According to the web hosting experts, there are some key techniques for one to build up the traffic of their websites with greater success.

1. Social media optimization –

People communicate with others everyday and it is not surprises to tell that most people believe in words of mouth from their neighbors, colleagues, family members, friends compared to the survey results posted on the websites. They have greater faith in the real human being because they get to socialize and interact with 2-way communications among these people effectively through the use of social media websites. Social websites are a good method to be in close contact with your customers to understand their requirements and needs at any one time.

2. RSS feeds subscribers –

Encourage your customer to subscribe to the RSS feeds for not only that it helps to build your website’s traffic but also in some cases, they can be turned into an income generating schemes to attract more traffic because of the additional benefits which the visitors might get to enjoy apart from just being a normal RSS feeds subscribers.

3. Search engine optimization –

Getting your website to be of ‘search engine optimization ” is crucial for it helps to drive your website to be swamped with significant volume of increased online traffic if your website earned the number 1 ranking in the search engine optimization ranking. With millions of people surfing the internet on a daily basis, your online business will increased automatically if your website is of search engine user friendly.

4. Media marketing –

This might be an old way of marketing, but yet it still proved to be effective for some of the people. One may promote their website in magazine or newsletter by offering a mystery gift or great offer price on your web hosting plans if they subscribe to your online websites within the range of duration you have specified through the media marketing.

5. Affiliated program –

Getting yourself involved in a affiliated program may lure more online traffic to your websites by tapping on some other people’s websites which are more well established than ours. However one needs to be extra cautious in selecting your affiliated partners who needs to be of high reliability and with good reputation, to assure on the long term smooth affiliated relationship between you an your partner in your effort of driving increased traffic to your website consistently.

6. Advertise at Google-

What you need to do is to advertise your products or services on a high traffic website such as Google to obtain a fair amount of web traffic at any one time. This is one of the most effective ways of getting your new website to be widely recognized by the public with its name build up gradually over time. This is a paid listing where one needs to pay for a certain fee to get help generating the online traffic to their websites.

Source by Darren Thomas