Do you have an animal lover in your life celebrating a birthday? Does your end of the year party with the cub scouts need some jazz to it? Make it a jungle theme party. Have an indoor or outdoor safari without leaving the country! A jungle safari adventure is fun for any age group.

Send out invitations that have animals or a jungle print. Party supply stores also have decorations with animal print, animals and birds that match the ones found in real jungles. Favors to buy for your guests would include binoculars, safari hats, nets to catch birds or butterflies and plastic guns.

To decorate, set up fake trees and vines. Hang stuffed or paper snakes and animals cling to them. Use it as a backdrop for pictures and take everyone’s snapshot in front of it. Use it as a favor or send it with a thank you note as a memento. Place stuffed or plastic blow up animals all over the room being used. Dim the lights and play an animal noise CD for ambience.

Games to play include a safari hunt. Give the kids a map and place a treasure at the end. Hang paper vines or put animal obstacles in their way. Hang sheets and drape material to make it appear like real vines and dense growth from a jungle. Other games can be name the most jungle animals or act like a jungle animal.

Personalized favors can be a safari completion poster or a picture frame with group pictures in it. Stuffed animals and tools can also be used to award master safari hunters. Decorations to match can include green tablecloths and balloons, napkins and cups. Animal prints or jungle scenes motifs are also available for purchase at any party supply store.

Source by Gail Leino