When learning how to swing a golf club, the successful swing relies on executing some golf fundamentals which include the grip, ball position and the stance. The address position in the golf swing is going to be essential when trying to achieve a good golf swing. This happens to be a concept that is often overlooked by both beginner golfers as well as more advanced players who have been playing for years. If you learn how to swing a golf club by addressing your position in the golf swing, you are going to find yourself swinging better as well as putting up better scores on your score card.

When learning how to swing a golf club you need to know how to set up the ball when you are preparing to take a stroke. When it comes to address position in the golf swing, you need to pay attention to where your feet are, where the ball is, and where your hands are. To help learn more on improving your swing check out these tips below.

o The first thing to learning how to swing a golf club is good balance. Next time you watch the pros play you will notice that they have a balanced swing from start to finish. To set up to the ball with proper balance, maintain a good posture and sturdy foundation. This will allow you to strike the ball with a square club face.

o You need to make sure your club face is square with the ball.

o Your address position in the golf swing should be the position you want to be in when you make impact with the ball.

o When you are about to address the ball make sure that you align your body with your target line. To help you achieve this, imagine you are looking at yourself from behind the ball. You are going to want your shoulders and feet to be lined up with the target line.

o At set up, your feet should be shoulder’s width apart or slightly more. If you go with a narrower or wider stance it will affect your balance.

o If you are using a wedge when learning how to swing a golf club, the ball position needs to be set up in the middle of your stance. When you use a driver, the ball position should be close to the tip of your outside foot. The ball position for your irons should be at increments in between these two positions; closer to your foot if you are hitting a long iron and towards the middle of your stance for shorter irons.

o Another point that most miss is good posture. Make sure you are set up with your knees slightly bent when learning how to swing a golf club. Make sure you don’t reach for the ball or crowd yourself, stank at a distance that is comfortable to you.

Source by Brent Bonnett