Everyone knows when the geese fly over that winter isn’t far behind. Their honking V formation salutes their travel and tenacity, bringing with it the realization that we need a plan. Seriously, if God gave geese a plan and sends them south in Victory formation, then why should we be different. So, what’s your plan for success? Here are some suggestions to start with:

#1 – Get started.

If you just sit there, you’ll be stuck in the mud and the guck forever. So, the first step is to get started. Do something. Take a running leap at flight and get your carcass in the air. You’ll never get anywhere is you sit there in the mud. Geese give it their all to get in the air.

#2 – Joint venture.

Find a buddy; you can’t do this all by yourself. Take someone with you. Find a friend who wants to go the same direction you want to go, add them to your team and go the distance. You can do this, but you’ve got to have someone on your team. Geese never fly alone.

#3 – Determine leadership.

There’s got to be a chain of command. You can’t go 90 directions and end up anywhere. Decide who’s leading and be willing to follow. Don’t be a power hog though, sometimes you need to let your buddy lead. He may know more than you about the direction or have more strength to battle the winds. Geese change leaders frequently, so they don’t get too tired.

#4 – Stay motivated.

Cheer yourself on with bonuses and rewards. Motivation is important, keep yourself moving forward. Give your friends a lot of back slapping praise and appreciation for their efforts and remember to sing your own praises now and then too. Geese don’t honk for fun, they’re encouraging each other.

#5 – Stay focused.

When geese fly south, they aren’t looking backwards. They’re beaks point due south and they keep moving forward. Get focused on your goal and don’t look back. Keep moving forward until you arrive. Of course, you’ll stop now and then to smell the roses, eat some grain and get a drink, but don’t stop too long. Get back in the air and fly!

Source by Jan Verhoeff