If you would like to know the world’s easiest sales and marketing “secret”, then this article will show you how.

Listen, have you ever seen the movie “A Nightmare On Elm Street?”

I haven’t seen the new one yet.

But the original basically went like this:

A child murderer (Freddy Krueger) is burned to death by all the neighborhood parents, and then comes back to finish his evil by murdering those parents’ teenaged kids in their dreams. And so, to avoid being killed in their dreams, they desperately try staying awake lest they fall asleep and get scragged by Freddy.

Well, guess what?

We kind of got this in “real life”, too.

You see, lots of people today (specifically the people referred to by the media talking heads as “Main Street”) have their own “Freddy Kruegers” attacking them and keeping them awake at night, almost paralyzed with fear and frustration. Like bill collectors, bankers, politicians, overzealous tax collectors, bureaucrats, back-stabbing co-workers, bullying bosses, etc.

Anyway, in many cases, nobody really cares about them.

Nobody’s in their “corner”, so to speak.

And you know what?

That opens a HUGE opportunity for you. Because when you genuinely care about your customers (and demonstrate it) YOU automatically become that person in their corner. The one they trust. And the ONLY choice to BUY from.

It doesn’t take much, either.

Usually, it’s just asking a few questions.

In fact, my wife just went through this.

She was having trouble getting our QuickBooks software to sync up with our bank account, and went through one idiot after another on both the QuickBooks and bank side.

Nobody — not even “supervisors” — were any help.

Nobody seemed to care, either.

They just went through the motions — constantly shunting her over to someone else who knew even LESS than the last person. Until finally (hours later), a low ranking bank teller solved the problem by asking my wife a few questions and getting the bank’s IT guy on it.

Problem solved.

It’s hard to forget people like that bank teller — people who take the time to listen and help.

And it’s the same with you, too.

Give good service and show you care.

And when it’s time to buy… you’ll be remembered, too.

It’s probably the easiest way to sell ever invented.

Source by Ben Settle