Once you have completed the 10th standard, the next big decision students must make is selecting the course stream to pursue their higher education and college. Choosing college is more than the name on the secondary school certificate as it touches several aspects of their life from academic studies to social activities and beyond. Hence, students should consider very carefully about where they decide to enroll. Here are a few factors that can help you in making the right decision.

  1. Counselling driven Integrated approach:

Today students are under immense pressure to excel at everything. A new study finds that when students experience a setback either academically or personally, body releases a stress hormone called cortisol. Elevated cortisol levels drop down in a day or two, but for some students who are fixated on their setback, cortisol levels remain higher for prolonged periods. Stress is good occasionally because it increases metabolism providing temporary boost in the physical and cognitive abilities. This state of the body is called as eustress and it can help students to achieve their goals. However, prolonged exposure to stress can lead to chronic conditions and impair brain-functioning leading to long-term damage. So, it is important that colleges provide a stress-free environment and focus on the over-all development of the students. Colleges should have professional counsellors who can guide students in the right direction. Hence, it is very important to choose a college that focuses on the over-all development of the students rather than just academic excellence.

  1. Pedagogy that unleashes student’s potential:

Unique pedagogy comes from over a century of research, innovation, and experience. Every student has unique potential and colleges should ignite enthusiasm and motivate students towards learning. Learning is a collaborative process where students learn more by exploration, asking questions, solving problems, articulating their thoughts and from their mistakes. Some colleges adopt strengths-based approach where students are assessed scientifically for understanding their strengths and innate abilities.

  1. Guest lectures from Industry experts:

Some colleges often invite guest speakers from relevant industry experts. This gives an opportunity to students to interact with guest speakers and know about the latest developments in the industry. Typically, guest speakers are invited to talk about a specific topic that will broaden the student’s mindset and helps them to make an informed decision. Guest speakers also have the platform to address important issues that can impact student’s life.

These are few important factors one should consider before enrolling in the college.

Source by George N Anderson