A man who dreams to present a diamond ring to his woman of future faces the amount of cash required to be spend at the time of shopping engagement rings. The bottom line is that there are no set rules on how much you should spend on an ring. Basically, rings cost within $3000 to $4000. If your monthly earning is below this level then you are required to pay two or three month’s payment. Therefore, it is very important to plan for shopping as per your budget.

Even though there are various ways to buy diamond engagement rings as per your choice and within your budget limits. The first and the crucial step is that a single diamond is very expensive in case of solitaire rings, so one should be more particular in lowering the cost by searching low carat diamond. Because the greater is the carat weight of the diamond will be more of its price. There are chances of getting diamond engagement rings with price ranging from $1000 and those less if the carat weight is below 3. Even if you wish to buy a ring at very cheap rates then see to that the diamond engagement ring is set within 10 to 14 carats of gold which can further be bought within $2000 to $3500 also.

Settings also play an important role in influencing the budget. Channel set and pave set rings are much cheaper compared to solitaire ring due to its larger stone. Those rings having yellowish diamonds with invisible flaws inside make the price substantially very low. On the other hand even the diamond cut facilitates in estimating the prices. Those diamonds having heart shapes are very costly with that in consideration of diamonds having square and rectangular shapes.

Never start thinking that the ring you purchase somehow determines that degree of your love. That will only set you up to making a poor purchase decision. The diamond engagement ring you purchase is an expression of your love and not a measure of it. Lastly, the above guidelines will help you in making the right purchase suitable within your financial reach.

Source by Santosh Salunkhe