In today’s economy there are many ways to insure that you get a great deal in the real estate market. This is especially true in office space in the dallas keller uptown grapevine plano areas of the DFW metroplex.

A few things to look for are:

1. As in any area of real estate location, location, location! This is important for many reasons. Will customers be visiting your office? If so it should be easy to access. Are drive by customers an important part of your business? If so the location on a major street with no construction is huge. You can find out from the city if construction is being planned for the next year.

2. Talk to the current tenants and discover how the feel about the landlord. Do the phones work all the time? Is the internet service working? is this office clean? Would the current tenants rent from the landlord again?

3. What is the financial position of the owner of the building? It is not a fun experience to find out one day that you have to move because you building is being closed down.

4. Use services like Google to discover the reputation of your landlord in the community

5. Is the current market value fair? Search all office space within the $ per square footage? Search local office space and determine what the price per square foot average is in your area and do not pay more than this!

6. Does your office offer phone answering service, fax service, copy machine service, conference rooms and other services?

7. If you don’t like the number of months offered in the lease contract then suggest a different number of months

8. Many landlords will offer a graduated rent scale. This means the first month you may pay $500 then $600 then $700 and work your way up to your final rent total. This is justified as a new business getting started and office expenses you will have such as furniture

9. Keep a copy of your lease contract in a safe place and never let the landlord charge you for something that you don’t owe!

10. Research and ENJOY!

Source by Ronnie White