Some mothers, fathers or caregivers prefer to nurse sitting up. For them the cradle works well in sitting position. But holding the baby supported by your forearm for long can be a little painful. A pillow under him and one under your elbow will provide a good support. This leads to the need of a Nursing Pillow.

The Bosom Buddy Nursing Pillow not only helps positioning your baby but also latching. This helps in preventing problems related to nursing and turn it into a pleasant experience both for your baby and you. However, all pillows are not alike. These are available in a wide range – there some for support and some that are from twins to preemies, for bottle-feeding and breast feeding and a lot more!

The C-Shaped ones fit woman of all sizes and are ideal for holding the baby in a comfortable position. The uses of this wonderful little thing will never end. The luxurious designer cover is smooth and gentle for the baby skin and is removable and washable. The pillow is wrapped around your waist and your baby is placed on it while you nurse. You can even make your baby sit in an upright comfortably. The Bosom Buddy Nursing Pillow is small enough and easy to carry, can also be taken on long trips.

The Bosom Buddy Nursing Pillow helps

· Minimize the C-section muscle strain and discomfort.
· Supports your baby when they are learning to sit.
· Gives your baby a comfortable cradle.
· Can become the favorite multi-activity pillow your baby.
· The pillowcase and the pillow both are machine washable.
· Allows for proper positioning for both bottle feeding and breast feeding.
· Available in wide range of colors and types

It has the right height and is quite firm, contrary to other pillows made for nursing which are too saggy and too low and hardly give any support. The firmness lasts beyond 2 years. The pillow saves your back and arm from aches and pains of holding your baby for almost an hour (or more sometimes!). It is a really good nursing pillow and is a must-have for any nursing mother.

Good for the cradle hold where one hand remains free always. So you can pump from the other breast or even answer a phone. It is also good enough for the side-lying, Football hold or even Lying-on-the-back position where the baby gets support and a relief of the mother, father or the caregiver whoever is feeding the baby.

Source by Ankur Kumar Srivastava