I’m often asked “What kind of special equipment should I buy to start my podcast?”

My answer is always the same, “Nothing. Buy nothing!”

This usually goes against almost all of the “guru’s” advice they have been reading.

“If you want better sound quality, buy this mic… ”

“You will need these special ear buds or headsets… “

“You will need editing software to edit your files before publishing… “

“You need this and that and the other thing, too.”

“Oh, and you need my “start your podcast” coaching program, too… “

When I’m asked that question, I explain how they (and you) can start podcasting with the equipment you already have. You do not need to buy any special equipment. You do not need a better computer, better software, better microphone – none of that!

If you have a cell phone that has a microphone, there is a good chance you have a recorder included. If not, you get download a recorder app. Now, you have all you need to record a podcast (at least starting out).

You can use your cell phone to record yourself or while doing an interview with someone else. You can use it to record video and post it to YouTube as part of your podcast. You can use your cell phone to record straight to some podcast hosting platforms (they change all of the time so I’m not going to name names here).

The point I’m trying to get you to understand is not to spend money buying special equipment when you are first starting out. The main reason is also a very important reason.

You do not know if you enjoy podcasting until you actual start podcasting.

If you spend several hundred dollars on equipment, software, etc. and then join 50%+ of the people who do not even make it to ten published episodes, what have you achieved?

That fancy $200 microphone on a swing boom arm? It now serves as a fancy hat rack!

Do yourself a favor. Do not spend money needlessly on equipment until you know podcasting is something that you want to continue. But you will not truly understand that point until you start podcasting. So start with the equipment you already have!

Most people have a laptop or desktop computer. Use the built-in recorder in that system. Use the record function on your cell phone. If you need to edit your files, use Garageband or Audacity (both are free and work really well).

Only when you know for sure that podcasting is something you will be doing on a regular basis, should you invest in better equipment. Then and only then, upgrade your equipment, one piece at a time.

The purpose for all upgrades is to improve the quality of the final product. Do not purchase equipment just because some “guru” says “this is the next best thing.”

If you have any questions, just ask! Use the resource box below to obtain more information.

Source by Robert Thibodeau