Video conferencing is today’s latest trend in the field of education, in the same way most of the companies are now looking forward to arrange virtual trainings for their trainees. Smart Classroom and E-learning solutions is the part of online training sessions which can energize the employees in developing the skills and challenges.

Usually the organizations arrange training campaigns at a certain locations and ask the trainees to move to that place to attend the training sessions. These circumstances are now changing with the aid of the video conferencing software. Now the trainees can attend the training session of the trainer through online, by being anywhere around the world.

Companies with multiple number of employees make use of a video conferencing solution as a training tool. Online training with web conferencing is very less expensive and more effective than a class room training. This technology will ease the organization in minimizing the cost and time that is being afforded for the physical training.

Without thinking of traveling and expenses, web conferencing technology have benefits of arranging the online training sessions:

Easy way of conducting employee training:

Large companies make the new employees to have a fly for training to a remote locations which is being stress for the trainers and trainees. Video conferencing is facilitating the employees to connect with the trainer for training sessions by being anywhere around the globe.

Effectiveness in Learning and Improvement in knowledge:

Learning effectiveness can be seen after the training session, online training sessions have an option to comment on the session and tell the feedback of the session. This is the place to face the challenges to reach out and to prove their knowledge without moving from their own places.


The trainer can connect with the employees from various locations, but the session can be conducted in an interactive way. Video Conferencing Software facilitates in sharing and sending the documents to all the members or selected members of the conference in live meetings itself. Any kind of data can be shared and transferred to the trainees instantaneously by being within the conference.

Finally it can be concluded that video conferencing software is the finest solution for the online training sessions where the trainer can make use of video conferencing to explain the employees about the products information in detail. It is the only solution to cut the expenses in training and development.

Source by Anusha Voruganti