Can Hypnosis Get Me A Date?

This is a worthy question.

The short answer is yes, hypnosis is a great tool to help get a date. You must remember that what is happening in hypnosis is the power of extreme focus, and not the manipulation many believe hypnosis to be.

The first consideration in this matter then, is the induction method itself. Obviously, getting someone to agree to a long drawn out induction is not an effective method of induction, especially if you are meeting for the very first time. And this should not represent any deterrent to your agenda whatsoever.

This is because there are so very many different forms of induction. Many are instantaneous. And many of those are subtle while others are not. A blatant induction, again, is probably not the best approach.

Instant inductions do need a certain mastery of the process before they can be considered reliable, and not everyone is a good candidate for this. Often, what started as a high energy instant induction, in the event of failure, can often become painfully visible, and again, not such a welcome turn of events.

My favorite induction for this application is the conversational hypnosis approach. It uses everyday conversation, is very subtle, nearly undetectable, and in the event of failure, well, we were just talking after all. Very little danger of repercussions.

Of course, the practitioner must still approach the subject, introduce themselves and strike up the conversation, a daunting task for some, but easily rectifiable via self hypnosis.

The approach is important. Don’t scare them off. Never approach someone you don’t know from directly behind them. You’ll weird them out. Rather, come to them from a side diagonal. They can see you coming, you are non-threatening. Smile. And have something ready to ask or say.

The idea of a “pick up line” is never a good idea, in my opinion. What you want to focus on is your target. Talk to them about their favorite subject: themself.

I witnessed a man who understood these preliminary techniques very well, shout out from his bistro table to a woman passing by on the sidewalk. You would think this was a bad approach. I did. But what he said, captivated her attention so quickly that she literally came into the bistro area to talk to the man. I was dumbfounded. And I learned something important.

What he said was something to the effect of, “I love your skirt, where did you get it?” What was in this little blurb? Attention to the details of the woman’s dress, usually a favorite subject for women; appreciation and compliment on her choice of dress, a definite ego builder for her, making her feel good about her choice; and of course, the line, “Where did you get it?”, meaning let’s talk about shopping. I think I have yet to meet a woman who disliked shopping.

It is hard to communicate the power of this well thought out directive, except to say that it literally sucked the woman off the sidewalk, out of her travel and destination agenda, and placed her squarely in front of the guy wanting to meet her.

Talk about them. Don’t talk about yourself.

The next step is to qualify the subject. For me, if they’re married, stay away. I want a date, not a battle. If their preference is not my gender, ’nuff sed.

And the induction for me, as I said above, is the conversational type. This was the approach used by Milton Erickson, the true father of modern hypnosis thought.

Other therapists would send their “impossible” cases to Erickson, who routinely got nearly miraculous results. The subjects said often that there was no induction to speak of. That’s because his approach was the conversational type.

Another time, Erickson was going to be extricated from practice because his peers were seriously jealous of his success. On the plane trip to the coast where the tribunal would be held, Erickson learned that two of the chief hypnotists on the board of the agency that would be determining his fate.

Erickson managed to secure a seat on the plane between the two doctors and when they arrived, the tribunal was cancelled. The other hypnotists were never the wiser, and didn’t even realize they’d been hypnotized by the master.

Knowing what to say, how and when to say it during this time in the getting of a date is all important, and beyond the scope of this article. But now you understand the basic mechanics of using hypnosis to get a date.

With practice, your confidence level will rise as well as your ability. You will be able to stretch out and get the man or woman of your dreams, especially if you see them as out of reach at this time. They won’t be out of reach for long.

As with any discipline worth doing, it is worth doing badly at first until you master it. So the key here is practice, practice, practice. And practice on everyone you can. You don’t have to pick them up, but you can play with coworkers, wait staff, and anyone who’s job places them in contact with the public.

Source by Seven Raak