According to Abraham Hicks, you need 68 seconds of pure thought to manifest a miracle. You would have transmitted a positive energy of intention into the Universe. If a string of thoughts is directed systematically and constructively, the energy vibrates at a frequency that draws the desired outcome and brings it into physical reality.

What is key is thought that is undiluted with negative self sabotaging beliefs. Thought is to be with absolutely clear intent. If you can have pure thought after pure thought, you increase the number of combustion points.

Principle of Focused Attention

The Principle of Focused Attention first states that a thought reaches a combustion point at 17 seconds of pure undiluted focus. As we all know, thoughts usually follow one after another. So if there is a second thought that is in alignment with the first, the effect is exponentially more powerful.

If you are able to hold the pure thought for 17 seconds, the energy expansion is equivalent to 2,000 action hours or the equivalent of mini-miracle. At the end of another 17 seconds, the next thought combusts. You get 34 seconds. The energy expansion is 20,000 action hours. With 68 seconds, you get 2,000,000 action hours.

Diluted Thoughts

Thoughts that go “I want a new and bigger car but I am worried that petrol prices are going to kill me”, “I would like to go on a nice all expenses paid vacation but my concern is that I cannot take that many days off” or “I want to do work that I love but I am too fearful of quitting my job that pays me well” cancels out the original intent. Do all these examples sound familiar to you?

If they do, you will need to find a way to keep the clutter of negative beliefs away. Just like any muscle, you need to exercise your mind. You will need to train your mind to think positive thoughts consistently.

Visualization Ways

What will be useful are practices that totally immerse your mind in the visualization process. Here are three easy-to-apply methods:

1) Make a 68 second video clip. Rather than have a disjointed show, have a storyboard. Do ensure that your clip lasts for 68 seconds or more and that it is entertaining enough so that you can focus your entire attention on it continuously while it is being played.

2) Create a 68 second running script. To have one thought after another after another, create a script. It is best to introduce momentum into your story. A suitable story will be one with a build up to the achievement of my final goal. It is like putting yourself in a race, where the medal is right at the finishing line. Add drama, details and descriptions to make your story interesting.

3) Indulge 68 seconds in creative art. Notice yourself getting lost in an inner world while you pursue creative projects? Then, this idea may just work for you: tell your vision or dreams through using art as a medium. You can cut pictures from magazines to create vision boards or work on an image editing software to create a nice picture. The point is to engage in a continuous 68 seconds of energizing thought patterns.

Source by Evelyn Lim