Today the top executives and business men have come of age. They need not carry their bulky laptops around the world with them. The introduction of the blackberry mobile phone has helped these people carry their office in their pockets literally It is wide and short device unlike the mobile but wireless hand held device has the whole office in your hand. It is touted as a very secure and efficient device for communication.

Blackberry pioneered push mail. The email facility and security provided is quite impressive and is one of the reasons why this phone has a wide spread acceptability as a business phone. Though it takes time to get accustomed to it but once hooked it is difficult to let go of the device.

Today more and more innovations are being introduced to the blackberry thus making it more and more compatible for the user. With good sound clarity speaker, grand display and a well defined keypad. Many of them have voice capability but the most important feature is that they are data-centric

This wireless solution has an integrated hardware, software and service element. The flexibility of the Blackberry Enterprise Server(TM) software securely integrates with Microsoft® Exchange or IBM Lotus® Domino(TM).


Blackberry provides mobile customers with a personal organizer. Customers are able to access their calendar, address book and task list while on the move. Moreover it has a wireless calendar synchronization to keep them up-to-date.

Corporate Data Access

Blackberry mobile phones facilitates always-on/push-based access to further corporate data and enterprise information other than just email using the Blackberry handheld, browser and software development tools.

There are a number of blackberry models in the fray like the 7100, 7100t, 8300 etc. newer stylish models are being introduced to appeal to the new professional in the global business world. These have better color display resolutions. The newer models also support blue tooth thus making it much faster than the traditional USB. The built in hands free and more GB space has made this device the ultimate global business mobile communication system. The newer versions also come with car kit support. The latest 8300 comes with features like 2.0 MP camera with flash and x5 zoom. It also has a powerful 312 MHz Intel processor and also unique 5-way trackball foe navigation. The battery has a 17 day standby life.

Source by Angel Faith