Sales, a demanding profession. Generating new leads, contacting clients, meeting people, finalising deals, which is not a one time go. It is a continuous strategy, which strongly requires frequent traveling. Driving out to reach out to far of places, getting things ready to catch a flight and fly away to have crucial discussions at distant places to make serious decisions. Every thing looks fantastic but the pains to accomplish the task would be tedious, consuming time and energy.

It would be more convenient if the sales dealings can be done from the office cabin itself with out much moving out, it would be magical if one could contact any one in the world, participate in a face to face discussion to settle a deal sitting across the desk at the office cabin. Yes, it can be made possible by the use of the modern technical developments, the Video conferencing software, which can be connected to a laptop, desktop or a mobile, making things charismatic and fascinating.

Online Video conferencing is the solution, which can answer all the problems of sales pertaining to traveling, conducting meeting, discussions, training the sales executives, exclusive presentations of products to clients and document sharing. The web-based Video Conferencing is very flexible as it works on all major operating systems – Windows, Mac and Linux, proving all the clients, members to interact through web without any need to configure software. Interacting online directly works on the productivity by boosting sales as the time to travel can be used to interact with new clients.

Here are the five reasons how Video conferencing can boost the sales and increase productivity:

1. Physically moving out to distant places is time-consuming, incurs travel expenses raising the investment for the company. Their can be considerable improvement in the Return on Investment by the implementation of Video conferencing, where in people remain in their own work area which save time and money. In the same time the sales department can meet new clients and generate new leads, which improves productivity and sales drastically in turn bringing good returns to the company.

2. Telephonic conversations and audio conferencing which are already prevalent in business cannot give a picture to the voices. In a video conferencing solution one can see the people face to face, the expressions of the clients and make proper assumptions of their thoughts which in turn leads to apt decisions and prediction of the lead conversions instead of assumptions based on unclear conversations on phone. Even the clients feel comfortable as they see the sales people online face to face with them, they can directly share their opinion on the product and clear the doubts they have, the time-lapse between the clients question and the sales person’s answer some time may be wide and make the clients to make another choice, in turn results in losing the lead.

3. Online video conferencing is an amazing tool which can connect to people across the geographical area, around the world. Purchasing involves opinions of many people, By using video conferencing for bringing prominent people together makes decision easier as at the same time one can get the opinion of many people located at far of places.

4. No longer can the business sustain in a restricted area. Stretching the business to far of places is unavoidable and helps improving the business to spread. After having various branches in different places connecting and interacting with the employees is necessary for various day-to-day information, training programs and sharing of official documents. The whole process can be done by connecting the branches online through Video conferencing software which connects with low-bandwidth and to desktop, laptop or a mobile from office or home at the comfort of the employee making meetings possible at a short notice.

5. After-sales keeps the client in contact and brings satisfaction making them spread goodwill for the company. Keeping the client and customer satisfaction by personally solving the problem on one is one basis can be tedious and the customer care may not be able to allot enough time for all the complaints received. By connecting the services to Video conferencing software, the clients can converse to the technical support and clear their doubts which help in sales to project after-sales services and highlight its importance as good customer care provided by the company in turn stabilizing customer relationship stronger and opening new doors for business.

Source by Shelly Desuza