Sony cybershot cameras are known for their superior picture quality and high resolution. The Sony H20, comes with a Carl-Zeiss Vario-Tessar 10x optical zoom lens. The camera has a 3 inch LCD display enabling viewers to clearly view the shot being taken. Although the camera is not exactly the smallest in it’s league in the market, it is neatly packaged and quite compact. The H20 uses the Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo Flash memory.

The camera has a face detection feature which can tell apart a child’s face from that of an adult. The feature also enables the user to set the camera such that it can focus on a particular person’s face whenever they are in the frame. Cyber-shot H20 also sports in-camera re-touching options like red-eye correction, retro style, partial color, trimming etc. It also has the scene recognition feature which auto-adjusts the settings for the kind of scene being clicked. All these feature means that the chances that you may accidentally delete pictures from the camera are high!!! In case you do end up in the sticky situation like that, just use a photo recovery software and salvage your photos.

Picture this: While editing images on the H20, you decide to delete the picture because you aren’t happy about the effect you’ve given it. After deleting it, you realize that even the original is gone.

You would naturally panic and get upset about the mistake you made. When you edit a picture, you are editing the original, this is why when you delete it, there is no sign of it anywhere.

It is a common misconception that you cannot recover lost photos once they have been deleted off a camera. This misleading notion is the reason why most people give up hope after losing precious memories. One should instead, focus on trying to recover deleted photos rather than cursing yourself for making a silly mistake!!! To do this you should use a photo recovery software. These software scan the memory card of the camera and then scan it to bring back pictures.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use photo recover software which can be downloaded from the Internet. It supports SR2, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, MIDI, AVI etc file formats and has the capability to recover pictures from Memory Sticks, Flash cards, SD Cards etc. The software has a very simple GUI so one and all can use it with utmost ease.

Source by Shaun Pattrik