The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H10, gives users achance to explore their photographic skills to their maximum potential. The camera has a high quality zoom enabling you to take even distant pictures with utmost clarity. The camera stores data on Sony Memory Sticks (Duo, Pro-Duo, Pro Duo high speed, Pro-HG Duo) and it’s 31MB internal memory. When either of these memories are full, one comes across errors and photos tend to get lost or deleted. In these type of situations, if you have no back-up, use a camera recovery software to retrieve lost photos.

For example, when using your Cyber-Shot DSC-H10, when the camera gives you the ‘No Memory Space’ error message, you can no longer save pictures to the stick. You know that there is enough memory in your stick and so the message is incorrect. You try to playback the images to try and delete them and you get another error message; ‘No Images’. Even when you change the stick, the error persists.


The error message could occur due to quite a few reasons; the two main ones being:

The internal memory is being used to store pictures-this memory is generally enough only for a limited number of pictures. When the internal memory is used, even if the memory stick has space, the camera will show the above error message. This generally does not cause any kind of data loss. The camera is unable to read the stick properly-so even when there is free memory that can be used, the camera gives you the above message. Many a times in this case even pictures on the stick become inaccessible.


The stick needs to be re-formatted in the camera itself. If you format the stick in the computer, it might not work in the camera, or it might again show errors. Once the stick has been formatted, it should work perfectly fine and you should not have any further trouble with it. However, formatting the stick means that all the data on it gets wiped out. These tools can recover data from formatted and corrupted devices. Camera data recovery can be performed safely from any storage device using a trusted third party application.

Photo Recovery is a camera recovery tool which supports almost all the proprietary RAW files from all popular camera manufacturing brands (SR2 of Sony, CR2 and CRW of Canon, etc.). It works on both Mac and Windows systems. The software has a free Trial version so you can satisfy yourself about it before buying the Full version.

Source by Paul Harry