This is how to make your website for free. You will find that there are only two unavoidable expenses involved in setting up your own site but one is very low cost and the other’s cost can be offset.

Lets get the unavoidable costs out of the way.

Every website needs a domain name or, if you prefer, a website address and you always have to pay for them. I use Go Daddy simply because it is very easy to use and they seem to have endless promotions where some sort of discount is offered. Even at full price you will be paying no mote than around 10 dollars.

The other overhead is when you use a hosting company. Hosting companies are organizations that put your site onto the worldwide web. They usually operate on a monthly subscription basis which can be as little $5, however I do not pay for this service at all – more information later.

You can, in fact, make your website for free. The actual creation of the site involves software to build it and more software to upload it to your hosting company. You could use Kompozer to build it and Filezilla to upload, both free and both first class products that I use every day.

So that’s your financial problems solved but there is another factor to all this and without it your chances of getting a half decent site up in days rather than weeks are not good. I am referring to expert advice and in particular the need for an all singing all dancing, click-by-click guide to help you through every aspect of website creation.

Before we go any further I should warn you that if you are prepared to get your credit card out then there are more products than you could ever check out that claim to set you on the path to website riches. The problem is that they are not free and, more importantly, just don’t do the job.

Remember, I said click-by-click, step-by-step.

With such a guide your quest to make your own website for free, will not only be made much easier, but you will avoid that element that kills off more would be internet entrepreneurs than anything else, frustration, caused by one technical problem after another. I wonder how many online careers have ended in arms being thrown in the air, a can of beer grabbed from the fridge and the TV switched on.

Source by Lawrence Stainbank