Like Brad Callen’s SEO tool called SEO Elite, the other software that he has designed which is called Keyword Elite is not cheap. It sells for just under $180. However, it is well worth the money because it is like the Swiss army knife of all the other research tools out there. This article will explain everything you need to know about Keyword Elite.

There are five main options from which you can choose to conduct keyword research. It all depends upon your purpose.

1. Analyze PPC listings – This option will enable you to monitor PPC ads all across the major search engines. You will be able to quickly tell which keywords are underbid.

2. Digging for keywords – This really needs no explanation. This software lets you build a list of as many as 10,000 keyword phrases. This list is not set in stone. You may append, delete and edit to this list as many times as you like. Keywords are retrieved by way of the major search engines.

3. Select keyword list – This software has an inbuilt database consisting of 2 million phrases.

4. Analyze keyword competition – Keyword Elite will help you analyze the keywords of your competitors. Examples are bold tags, anchor text keywords, H1 tags, and in-bound links. This is a very powerful feature.

5. Spy on AdWords competition – This option enables you to monitor AdWords advertisers on a regular basis in order to see whether their ads are profitable. All you have to do is to model your ad on your competitor’s ads and watch the money roll in!

Before you run out and buy Keyword Elite make sure you purchase it from a website that offers quality bonuses when downloading it from their link on their site.

Source by Karina Sinclair