Industrial product design means turning a great invention into a real product that can be produced en-masse and that means that you can make a profit from it, find fame from it, or just use it yourself to your benefit. There are many great advantages to being able to turn something abstract in your mind into something physical and concrete that you can hold and manipulate, and particularly if you can manufacture it on an industrial level.

Here we will look at how to use industrial product design to create a product that you can start making money from.

Come Up With Your Idea: First of all you need to come up with your idea for a product or invention. If you are an individual who is trading then this will mean just coming up with a great moment of inspiration that you can work from. To do this you just need to think about things that would make your life easier. The more people it will appeal to the bigger your potential market, but the more specific your niche the easier it will be to communicate with prospective customers, to target your marketing and to beat the competition. Choose whether you want to be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond and then come up with a unique solution to a problem that you face in that capacity. Often combining things together is a simple way to come up with inspiration.

If you are in a business then you will have facilities in place for this – people who are there to have focus groups and discussions for new products that can earn you cash, so get them to start coming up with something new for you and make sure that they are in a conducive environment to coming up with new ideas.

Design: From here you will want to make a rough mockup of how this item will actually work – think of the materials and the other things you will use and think about whether the idea is actually plausible. It’s no good just have the idea for an ‘unlimited beer glass’ – you actually need a plan for how you could make it. Otherwise it’s not an invention, it’s just an idea.

Industrial Product Design: Industrial product design is where you use a service to turn this crude sketch into a real product design. They will likely use CAD (computer aided design) to create a 3D model of your product. This will involve information regarding the materials and more, and the way they design it will ensure that it is as cost effective and as sturdy as possible. You will be producing the best possible item with the smallest amount of materials, and using the CAD software you will be able to rotate it, view it from all angles, and ultimately send it to a factory for mass production.

Pricing and Business Model: From here you will then have to think about the pricing – how much will it cost to manufacture and how much will you charge for each item? How much profit will you make? How will you market it? And how does this factor into your budget? You can’t do any of this though until you have the industrial product design so that you can think more logically about the cost and supplies needed.

Source by Samuel Jeremiah