All the versions of iMindMap are amazing since it is made based on the guidelines of the Tony Buzan, a famous educational consultant, psychologist and author of books relating to brain and thinking. This article provides a preview of the interesting features available with this product and for the people who use this software. The presentation view is the newest addition to this software which is very useful for creating business presentations. We can share and express our ideas as visual presentations. Also the software comes with 2 screen setting which can be used to view the presentations in two separate screens. The previous versions came with an organic interface and this new presentation mode is much better than that.

Also the options for dragging images to any position in the mind map are really amazing. We can use shortcuts for controlling the movements and clicking buttons in the menus rather than use mouse to click the buttons. We can also add recordings to the branches directly which is the coolest feature of Imindmap4. We can also use this feature for listening to the recordings later and this is the only software which supports audio recordings.

There is also a text version which displays images, notes and web links in a vivid manner. It is possible for user to edit in text mode itself and it comes along with sketching tools. Whatever that can be done in map view is also possible to be done using Text view. Text had to be placed on branches directly in earlier versions but the latest version comes with option for adding keywords in boxes.

It also enables the users to create topics in floating format as boxes and also has a screen capture tool for taking snapshot of mind maps. We can make use of keyboard shortcuts for adding the topics in any branch of mind maps without the need for searching with mouse pointer. The toolbar is very simple and user friendly. The latest version is very user friendly and has an intuitive user interface.

The Imindmap4 is definitely a good tool for thinking innovatively and conducting brainstorming sessions. The software has compatibility with other software applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc and we can export mind maps for the web. The software has both import and export features which is great for business user. We can import the MS word documents and we can create hierarchies from them which can be turned into notes or sub topics quite easily. The software is very easy to use while making large mind maps since it has zoom in and out feature. Also, we can print large mind maps easily with this software. There are number of 3D images and icons in the library and the best feature is auto-image which lets us search for images from the image library. iMindMap version 4 is also available in three editions namely, Elements, Ultimate and Professional edition and each of them has features that varies depending upon the end user requirements.

Source by Emma Careyus