Data entry software is an application program that accepts data from the keyboard or other input device and stores it in the computer for processing. It may be part of an application that also provides updating, querying and reporting. The data entry software establishes the data in the database and should test for all possible input errors.

There are millions of forms filled out and being processed in each country every year. Specialized data entry service providers throughout the world provide most of forms processing. Data entry software for forms processing provides needed technical support in the business. Most technical questions are answered in minutes via phone, fax or e-mail.

There are many powerful data entry and image entry programs with proper backup systems available that can easily collect, key verify, reformat and output data the way you want it.

This software works with industry standard hardware and operating systems. You can update system components quickly and safely whenever you like. If you move, your data entry and image entry software moves with you.

There is data entry software that allows you to convert your existing applications. In many cases, near-perfect conversion can move virtually your entire program library. Many companies’ data capture program applications can be converted in a week or less, saving money by moving their programming investments into modern computer systems.

For imaging, image entry software offers the workhorse functionality of traditional data entry software. Built from the ground up for data capture, such data entry programs include a state of the art image entry program that can be activated with a simple phone call; the programs are dedicated to the needs of data entry service organizations. There are programs to set resolution on individual zones within an image. Data entry operators can also zoom and pan an image on the screen.

Source by Jennifer Bailey