There are a lot of factors that should play into your business, like helping out another virtual assistant or a client of yours. Sharing the programs, software, and websites that you find helpful is only going to increase your reputation as an entrepreneur.

Knowing how to navigate the information you decide to share makes you even more resourceful. It shows your clients and other VAs that you know what you’re talking about! If you prove that you have expertise in those types of areas, they might even ask you about other areas of business. Word will spread that you are a savvy entrepreneur!

Here is a short list of some of the programs I use on a daily basis:

– Adobe Photoshop

– Macromedia Dreamweaver

– Smart FTP

– Mozilla Firefox

– Internet Explorer

– Microsoft Office (all programs)

– Messengers (Skype, Yahoo!, MSN)

– FeedDemon

All of these programs are important in my virtual assistance business and if you haven’t tried some of them, maybe you would find them as helpful as I find them. Every virtual assistance company differs, so maybe some of these programs won’t help you at all.

I honestly recommend FeedDemon to all virtual assistants. I have about 25 – 30 of my favorite sites on my FeedDemon and it allows me to see their websites right in this program. I can comment directly on their website right through this program. It’s easy and cheap. Commenting on other virtual assistants blogs will allow you to get free publicity as well for your virtual assistance business. It’s that easy!

I am going to be creating a resource page in the near future to better YOU out! So stayed tuned for a full detailed list of the programs and websites that I use on a daily basis!

Looking forward to sharing many successes with you!

Trina Lamarche

Efficient VA

Source by Trina Lamarche