The game sometimes start freezing and you can’t zoom the screen in or out. This results in Angry Birds crashes on a PC. I am listing various methods to fix this issue:

1. Configure the Compatibility Options

2. Repair Angry Birds Registry Entries

3. Upgrade Display Drivers

4. Control the CPU Temperature

5. Disable your Antivirus

6. Delete Files Occupying Large Amount of Disk Space

Configure the Compatibility Options

By configuring the compatibility options of the game you may repair Angry Birds crashes in PC. The steps are as below:

1. Open My Computer.

2. Browse the directory where the game is installed.

3. Right click AngryBirds.exe and select Properties option.

4. Click Compatibility tab.

5. Mark the item Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings as checked.

6. Click Apply | OK.

Repair Angry Birds Registry Entries

It may happen that game registry entries are corrupted. You may have to find out the problems in the registry hive of the game, and then correct these invalid entries accordingly. This will help repairing Angry Birds crashes in PC. However, manual fixing of registry is not easy and not recommended.

Download a Registry Cleaner software and do a full registry scan. After the scan is completed, fix the problems found there in. Using this method is more useful. You can use some good system utility software containing the registry cleaner feature.

Upgrade Display Drivers

The display drivers installed on your system may be old. You shall download and install the latest versions of your display driver so as to fix Angry Birds crashes in PC.

To do so, visit the website of your Graphics Card manufacturer. Choose to download the appropriate version of the display driver.

Control the CPU Temperature

It may be possible that your CPU is overheating. Try to control your CPU temperature for fixing Angry Birds crashes in PC. In case you are using a laptop, purchase and install a laptop cooling pad.

Disable your Antivirus

Antivirus may be conflicting while the game is running. To fix it, disable your antivirus temporarily.

1. Right click the antivirus icon in the notification bar.

2. Select Disable option.

Delete Files Occupying Large Amount of Disk Space

Delete those files occupying a large amount of your disk space. Run Disk CleanUp program in your Start Menu, or use the System Cleaner feature of a System Utilities software. This will fix game crashes in PC.

1. Click Start.

2. Type Disk CleanUp in the Search box.

3. Press ENTER.

4. Select the drive where the game is installed.

5. Follow the on screen instructions.

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