Wifi Bread | How To Retarget Just Music Related Videos For Optimized Hyper Targeting In Facebook Ads Manager


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In this video we go over how to retarget certain videos for optimized hyper targeting in the series, “Wifi Bread”, How To Retarget Just Music Related Videos For Optimized Hyper Targeting In Facebook Ads Manager. This is an extremely powerful strategy that helps you lock in on content that may have performed really well and target your engaged audience with the same sort of content or the exact same video content. You can do this with any and all videos, even reels, 😉 , and it can help in driving your costs down over time. Once you’ve created your audience, simply add it to your adset. This will cause the adset and ads within the adset to serve to only those within the audience that you just created. Thus allowing you to engage with only people that love your content based off of your 95% watch through audience you again just created in facebook audience manager.

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