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We teach a strategy based off of the institutional style of trading in a way that makes concepts simple to understand. This service provides access to our daily live analysis zoom calls, weekly and technical analysis, taxes and llcs course, along with private group webinars. Some of the things you will learn are:

  • How to correctly identify order blocks
  • Trading using block flow
  • Supply and demand
  • Inefficiencies, or in other words missing price
  • Liquidity and how to identify it
  • Session volume
  • How to consistently catch 10 pips a day
  • Protecting your capital with tight stoplosses of 1-5 pips

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Our goal is to help you become a consistent and profitable trader. With a combination of live trading videos and informational style videos individuals that are more visual and/or are hands on learners will find immense value in seeing the concepts learned in action live in the markets as well as broken down in topical digestible videos. As a trader it can be difficult to learn how to translate what you are learning into the live markets. Although you can learn from various courses online you’re missing a major piece of the puzzle, psychology. During the live trading room, we mark up the charts for the days session and also take our trade positions LIVE, managing positions to take profit to help traders see first hand the psychology behind successful trading.


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