Ninja Sneaking is WINGLAY’S newest indie game that is now available on Xbox Live. I have played and wrote about another WINGLAY game titled “Sky Ninja War” that I thoroughly enjoyed. Ninja Sneaking’s gameplay is about sneaking and stealth which is virtually the opposite of Sky Ninja War and much less fun to be frank.

The protagonist of this visually beautiful designed indie game is a red haired ninja girl. Not much is known about her or the story other than she must infiltrate a rival Shogun’s compound. Indie games in general are small micro video games. they don’t have long gameplay times or stories. They are in fact kinda shallow gaming experiences. For example Ninja Sneaking only lasts fifteen minutes before the trial actually ends through XBL (Xbox Live).

Some of the core gameplay elements revolves around your ability to sneak past guards whether awake or taking a nap. Some guards have flashlights and aim them in all directions. If the red head ninja girl gets caught its game over. The difficulty is pretty high. You literally cannot make any mistakes or you will have to start all of the way over. To avoid getting caught like a good ninja you must use your surroundings. You can crawl under buildings. You can also climb ceilings as well.

Graphically WINGLAY makes great looking indie games and Ninja Sneaking is no exception. This game has a unique charming visual presentation that I absolutely loved. The music is pretty decent and creates a good atmosphere. The sound effects got annoying at times with the same repetitive grunts and moans.

The controls are pretty solid and straight forward. You don’t really need many buttons. You just jump or grab pretty much everything. You use the left stick on the Xbox 360 controller to move. You can also perform double jumps if you need to. As far as replay value is concerned this game lacks it. You can always try and get a faster clear time after completing levels I suppose. The latter is good for competitive gamers.

Some other aspects that stood out to me regarding Ninja Sneak is the funny cut scene that happens when you do get caught. The developers really have a sense of humor. Ninja Sneak is rough around the edges but it was fairly addicting. It can get frustrating getting caught and having to start all the way over. What I particularly liked is the presentation and art design. If your into ninjas and indie video games you might want to give Ninja Sneaking a try.

Source by Jason A Flowers