Why did they start hip-hop in the first place is a question most people who were not raised up on hip hop or in the projects ask all the time. That’s kind of the short answer too being that most of them all about 99 percent of the originators were from the projects. So let’s just rap it up that way and say that it was started because there was nothing else to do in the freakin hood. what use to happen is people from the neighborhood would get out and start rapping without a beat and soon enough a crowd would form and then a local DJ would show up and spin some records and before you know it there was a block party jumpin off.

There was no money being paid to anybody, $50,000 dollar videos were not planned to be shot and record companies were definitely not trying to sign the next hottest ghetto rapper. All you had was some good ‘ole fun with average everyday men and women rhyming about the times they were going threw in their part of the hood and before that it was just about partying…PERIOD.

Somewhere corporate America got involved and turned Hip-Hop into a multi-billion dollar business train that cannot be stopped if you tried extremely hard. It’s not going to stop it’s to big and too many people have their hands within the pot. Record companies are making more money than they ever made by signing street kids to put together some nursery rhymes with slick metaphors and delivery. It’s absolutely the easiest thing they can do right now.

Why, you ask?

Well signing a Rock group requires that you actually have a group of men or women who can sing and play instruments well. Pop stars have to sing, dance and have a lovable public face or it will never work and Country singers have to play instruments too and complete with some of the most loyal music fans on this earth. African Americans have always been gifted across the board when it comes to entertainment. I don’t care if you are talking about sports, dancing, fine arts or anything else you want to put in this the mix. My answer to the question why did they start hip-hop is simply to survive. Ask any one person who had something to do with it and after they give you your public text book answer you will certainly come to a point within’ that conversation where they will mention we had to survive.

Source by Calvin Hill