As you all know rap has always been a subject of great debate, a lot of politicians and a lot of people from the general public have been against this music style for many reasons, like aggressiveness, degrading women and stuff like that. The truth is that rap or hip hop as you may want to call is just a form of expression, it is a form of art, it is poetry made music, like all music, except that it is much more graphical and descriptive, it is actually an advanced style of storytelling.

Now we can talk about Tupac and Biggie as legends, at some point there were people trying to marinate them as artists, but their impact was so big that they paved the way for the new multimillionaire twentieth century rap superstars. We can take a look at people like 50 cent, jay z, Lil Wayne, j money and many others that have made millions from their lyrics and their entrepreneurship.

The rap world has always been surrounded by violence, we have seen many great legends of rap murdered, so this has worsened the situation in the eyes of the general public and the activists against this music genre. I believe that rap should be taken more lightly, people should not get so caught up in these things, the truth is that violence has been around and was probably even worst before rap, it’s just that a group of people decided to focus on hip hop and rap artists to justify social behaviors that are unexplainable because they are just part of human nature.

I do not associate rap or hip hop as a trigger for urban violence, although many people state that it is so. I believe that the problem is about education, about people lacking education and that is why sometimes they do not make the adequate interpretation of the lyrics provided by such great poets. If they go beyond certain limits supposedly because they were influenced by rap, it was not because of rap, it is because they were already mentally imbalanced.

Source by Ricardo Davila