Hip Hop music has been around for over 30 years now. It has seen its share of changes and ups and downs. From hardcore gansta music to simple and fun dance music. For a genre of music that was created in the late 70’s, it has manage to stay on top while more and more artist today are becoming very popular as a result of it.

As hip hop music progressed over the years, a style of music from the south introduced itself. It grew to be known as dirty south. Many rappers from the south started to get a lot of exposure for the type of music they were presenting to the music industry. Artist like Outkast, David Banner, Goodie Mob and many others where getting very popular with the new south sound. Now in today’s music you have artist blowing up like T.I., Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Gucci Man, and many others that continue to keep the south on top.

What should this mean to you as an artist trying to blow up in today’s music industry? For one, even if you don’t like that style of music, you will have to recognize that it currently runs the music airwaves. As an artist you need to record to at least two dirty south beats and put yourself in a place to get some exposure. One thing that will never change about the music business is, what ever is popular all the top artist try to incorporate into their music.

Many artist have used what was popular to get them out on to the big stage and then decided to go with whats in their heart. We seen this with pink. When she first came out she was an R&B artist doing R&B music. She did the pop thing and built a following and then went to her label after wards and told them that she no longer wanted to do pop music but alternative music. As a result she blew up even more.

As an artist trying to get out in the music business, you should never look down on any other style of music to stay true to what you believe. Sometimes it will take you bending your own rules and doing the popular thing to get noticed. If all you hear on the radio today are down south artist using the southern sound, then maybe you should get a producer to make a track for you and consider the possibilities of having success that way.

Source by Allen E Brown